Bedeque museum displays senior's history collection in new exhibits

One man’s donation of 3,000 items has filled the once empty second floor of the Bedeque Area Historical Museum.
Howard Clark of Chelton donated his private collection of historical artefacts to the Bedeque Area Historical Museum. (CBC)

One man's donation of 3,000 items has filled the once empty second floor of the Bedeque Area Historical Museum.

Part of the collection donated by Howard Clark is now displayed in a number of new exhibits at the museum.

One exhibit shows parts from an Anson Trainer Aircraft that was used in the Second World War. Another displays old hockey equipment and memorabilia.

Bedeque Area Historical Society board member Percy Affleck says they approached Clark to donate the items from his private collection after the 90-year-old had to move from his home.

"These are things that we're saving. These are things that other families will be able to look through and see what their great grandfather did," said Affleck.

Some of the donated items are over 200 years old.

"We're trying to interrupt the process of having to do a dig in Chelton or Bedeque in 1,000 years. We're saving it now," said Affleck. "It just seems a shame for it to be lost."

Clark began collecting the artifacts after he served in the Second World War.

The large collection was displayed in his red barn in Chelton.

"We were concerned that it would all end up going on an auctioneer's block," said Affleck.

While a lot of the artifacts are on display, more of the treasured collection remains in storage.

Affleck says the museum has plans to rotate items to keep the exhibits fresh and interesting.  

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