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Island MLAs to hit the road seeking input on province's homelessness situation

The legislature’s standing committee on health and social development plans to hold public meetings at several spots on the Island to 'seek public feedback on programs, policies and supports for P.E.I.’s unhoused community members.'

P.E.I. pledges 4 times as many EV fast chargers by end of 2024, as tourists run out of juice

The Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action has plans to quadruple the number of Level 3 chargers by the end of 2024 as the demand soars and infrastructure struggles to keep pace during Prince Edward Island's tourism season.

New irrigation research helping Island farmers save their crops — and water

New research being spearheaded out of P.E.I. is helping Island farmers make better decisions around when to irrigate their crops — and some say it could not come at a better time.

Gardeners asked to watch for late blight after rainy, hot P.E.I. summer

Late blight is a disease that disfigures and destroys solanaceous — or nightshade — crops like tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplants. It presents as brown spots on the leaves or the fruit itself, eventually causing them to rot.

UPEI's new residence tackles housing woes, but off-campus issues drag on

A new $63-million residence was built at UPEI to serve as the athlete’s village for the 2023 Canada Winter Games. Those 376 new residence spaces are opening to students for the first time at the end of this month, and clearing up the waitlist.

Free consultations, expanded scope filling gaps in primary care, P.E.I. pharmacists say

Ten months after launching, P.E.I. pharmacists say a provincial program funding consultations for common ailments at pharmacies is easing pressure on the Island's health-care system.

Why planting black ash trees is so important for P.E.I. and the Mi'kmaq

Numbers of P.E.I.'s native black ash have dwindled to just a few hundred, while Mi'kmaw communities need the wood for basket weaving and other cultural endeavours.

Fiona-level storms bring trauma, but experts say leaning on each other will get us through

The adverse weather from post-tropical storm Fiona lasted only about 24 hours, but to this day Islanders continue to live with damage to their homes, communities and beloved places and spaces.

P.E.I. is gearing up for its first post-Fiona tourism season. A lot has changed

Prince Edward Island’s tourism operators have worked hard to get their shops, restaurants, accommodations and attractions ready for the 2023 season, but visitors will see a landscape marked by post-tropical storm Fiona.

P.E.I. farmers building back better as they move on from Fiona's damage

Post-tropical storm Fiona affected the Island's farming sector in almost every way — damaging buildings and crops, flooding land, and taking away chunks of coastal farmland. Now some farmers are making changes to protect themselves against future storms.