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Maggie Brown has been with the CBC on P.E.I. since 1992, working in radio, television and digital. Contact me at if you have a story to share.

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Utilities on P.E.I. say they've learned from Fiona as Franklin heads toward Atlantic Canada

Maritime Electric and Bell Aliant say they're working to improve communication with customers as they draw lessons from what happened during Fiona last fall.

Eastern P.E.I. relieved but guarded about future of ferry service

People in Eastern P.E.I. are relieved to hear a new ferry is on the way. But some said the service's reliability is still in question after the federal government announced plans to buy a 16-year-old Norwegian vessel.

An elephant has appeared on an old sign in Stratford. What's up with that?

Artist Christopher Griffin is moving to P.E.I. soon, but he's made his mark in Ottawa with a number of public art pieces. An old sign in Stratford is his latest canvas.

Islanders with honey bee swarms can reach out for expert help, and learn something too

Islanders who believe they have a swarm of honey bees on their property can call the P.E.I. Beekeepers Association to find someone to help safely take the swarm to a new home.

More military vehicles on P.E.I. roads this summer as part of training course

Seventeen soldiers are being trained to operate a light military vehicle known as a G-Wagon. The jeep-style vehicle was used during the response to post-tropical storm Fiona last fall.

Real or fake? How to tell authentic sea glass from the knockoff stuff

Finding true sea glass on the beaches of P.E.I. has become more difficult over the years, as less glass is being thrown away into the ocean and more people are looking for the smoothed-by-the-ocean pieces.

'A number of near misses': Residents call for Parks Canada to bring lifeguards back to North Rustico beach

Officials say they shifted resources to busier beaches that are more dangerous. But residents say they're worried about strong rip currents.

Inspired at age of 10 in Sarajevo, P.E.I.-based architect recognized by her peers

P.E.I. architect Silva Stojak was recently appointed to the College of Fellows of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, a prestigious designation she says she's honoured by, because her colleagues nominated her.

Budget-friendly ways to refresh your space from P.E.I. designers

Spring and summer are a great time to do a refresh on your living space. Along with giving everything a good cleaning, you can make some small, inexpensive changes that can boost your mood.

Air quality OK in P.E.I. for now, but Islanders urged to monitor numbers closely

While P.E.I. hasn't experienced the same kinds of air quality issues as Halifax, Ottawa and New York, experts say everyone needs to keep an eye on the Air Quality Health Index.