Kevin Yarr

Kevin Yarr is the early morning web journalist at CBC P.E.I. Kevin has a specialty in data journalism, and how statistics relate to the changing lives of Islanders. He has a BSc and a BA from Dalhousie University, and studied journalism at Holland College in Charlottetown. You can reach him at

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How the sign from an iconic Charlottetown restaurant came back to family

A sign from the iconic Peter Pan Restaurant in Charlottetown is back is the hands of the co-founder's family.
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Why your property tax bill has two assessed values for your home

If you didn’t stop reading at the how-much-you-owe section, you may have noticed your P.E.I. property tax bill has two assessed values for your home.

New ultrasound machines at Charlottetown hospital 'just a joy'

Five new ultrasound machines purchased by P.E.I.’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation are providing a much-needed morale boost for the technicians who use them.

P.E.I. sees huge drop in heating oil, diesel prices

Following a large drop in the price of heating oil and diesel earlier this week Prince Edward Islanders got an even bigger break Friday morning.

P.E.I. hospitals 'weather the storm,' but preparing for more COVID trouble

P.E.I. hospitals appear to be through the worst of the recent Omicron wave of COVID-19, says Health P.E.I. CEO Dr. Michael Gardam.

How gas and diesel prices are hitting Islanders, and why they're so high

Prince Edward Islanders may be starting to think about leaving their vehicles in the driveway more often, but they won’t be able to entirely avoid the impact of high prices for gas and diesel.

P.E.I. inflation rate leads Canada again

P.E.I. had the highest inflation rate in the country once more in April.

P.E.I. heating oil, diesel prices plummet

The wild ride for petroleum products prices over the past 11 weeks on P.E.I. continued Wednesday morning.

Why this P.E.I. lawn-care company went electric

When Scott Perry teamed up with Laura Lannigan to launch a lawn-care company she introduced him to electric.

P.E.I. gas price jumps up again

The price of gas was up again overnight on P.E.I., the fourth increase this month.