Isabelle Gallant

Isabelle Gallant is an Acadian radio producer and web writer based in Prince Edward Island. She has worked at the CBC for 15 years.

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In the bleak midwinter: Lightening your mood when dark days bring on seasonal depression

SAD is another name for seasonal, or winter, depression. For most people, the symptoms won't significantly undermine daily functioning — but you may still not feel your best at this time of year.
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Canada is moving away from Pap tests. Here's what you need to know

Canada is now moving away from using Pap smears to screen for cervical cancer screening in favour of HPV, which is more effective and can be done at home.

Family sewing tradition lives on in P.E.I.'s Évangéline region

Sewing has been a part of Colette Aucoin’s family for generations — and now she’s passing it on to her daughter and granddaughters. 
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How just a 10-minute work break could improve your mental and physical health

In a culture that can often prioritize productivity over mental well-being, it can sometimes be difficult for people to take breaks  — but experts say frequent, short breaks are key to staying happy and healthy at work. 
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Want to sleep like Blue Jays pitcher Yusei Kikuchi? Here's what one expert suggests

Kikuchi recently took himself out of a game when he didn't get his usual 13 hours of sleep. But fear not — chances are you don't need the same sleep as an elite athlete.
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What you eat could be key to improving your mental health, scientists say

Research shows that the types of microbes found in our gut, or gastrointestinal tract, could have a direct impact on our mood.
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Energy drinks can harm teens' health. Here's what experts say parents can do

Despite their popularity, experts say there are health risks to consuming energy drinks, and it’s important for parents and teachers to have open conversations with teens about those risks.

Reporting workplace harassment is hard. Here's what workers and employers need to know

Beyond NDAs, which can be used in workplaces to silence people who come forward with human rights complaints, experts say there are other systemic and cultural challenges to reporting workplace harassment.

No timeline on when P.E.I. will be able to export seed potatoes: MacAulay

Canada's new federal agriculture minister says there are steps he needs to take before lifting the ministerial order banning seed potatoes from leaving P.E.I.

Ottawa funding new P.E.I. cyberbullying programs

A group that helps people find legal information in P.E.I. is getting $600,000 to create education programs on cyberbullying.