Dr. Laura O'Connor

Dr. Laura O'Connor is a family physician in Charlottetown.

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A physician's take on the proposed UPEI medical school

When I was a premedical student, word of a medical school on P.E.I. would have been music to my ears. Now, having practised medicine on the Island for 10 years, the news doesn’t strike quite the same chord, writes Dr. Laura O'Connor.

Smoking is just as bad for you as you think it is: Opinion

One of the more fulfilling parts of my job as a doctor is helping people to quit smoking.

Sorry, there's no cure for the common cold: Opinion

The common cold makes us feel miserable — sore throat, sinus congestion, runny nose, sore or plugged ears, coughing — but please don't ask for antibiotics to fix it.

Making the most of your doctor's visit: Opinion

Some tips from a P.E.I. family doctor for making the most of your time in your doctor's office.

Balancing summer fun with sun safety: Opinion

Dr. Laura O'Connor is already seeing sunburns and tan lines at her family practice in Charlottetown — here, her advice for balancing fun in the sun with sun safety.

Why I cut back on sugar — and how you can too: Opinion

Sugar can cause more than just cavities, it can cause chronic diseases. But it also sneaks into our food.

We all know exercise is good for your health — so why isn't everyone doing it?: Opinion

I started out my career as a family doctor making sure I passed along lots of information regarding the health benefits of exercise to my patients. Before long I realized my patients had read those articles too.