Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart is an "ad man" at Graphcom in Charlottetown; a DIY filmmaker and musician; and contributor to The Buzz, Rue Morgue, Art Decades, Studio CX and online at RetroSlashers.net. He edited and contributed to the P.E.I. horror anthology Fear from a Small Place, and 26 two-minute episodes of his cartoon for The Buzz, And Yet I Blame Hollywood, were adapted on the CBC-TV show ZeD.

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First Person

P.E.I.'s problem with queerphobia

When you look at the number of hate-motivated actions perpetrated against P.E.I.'s queer community this summer, we have a problem. One that I can no longer ignore, writes Dave Stewart.
Point of View

Living with an invisible illness in the time of COVID-19: Point of View

As someone with a compromised immune system, I am more vulnerable to the coronavirus, and my reaction to COVID-19 has a greater chance of being either serious or deadly, but I can also draw a connection between what I go through daily to what you’re going through right now.

How assumptions about sexuality are hurting our kids: Opinion

There are some things we can do do to make life easier for LGBTQ kids: change your perspective, then neutralize and normalize, says columnist Dave Stewart.
Point of View

Finding the universal and the unique in the death of my father

Russell Alexander Stewart, my father, died unexpectedly shortly before Christmas. My grief has been the most intense feeling possible and a feeling of nothing at all at the exact same time.

Why Greta Thunberg is the new punk rock: Opinion

Greta Thunberg is shaking things up in a way that wakes us up, makes us see things from a new perspective, and gives us power to help make a difference. But as members of the 1970s status-quo generation, what do we have to say for ourselves?

Loud and proud! Turn up the volume on this P.E.I. Pride playlist: Opinion

With P.E.I.’s Pride Festival this Saturday through next, it’s an appropriate time to post some Pride-flavoured tracks that will help get you in the mood.

How to avoid sidewalk rage this summer: Opinion

Columnist Dave Stewart says sharing the sidewalks makes him tense, especially when Charlottetown's population swells with thousands of summer visitors.

Relax, it's just winter: Opinion

Two things happen around this time every year. The first is that winter comes. The second is that people seem to vociferously lose all perspective about it.

I am vehemently anti-war so I wear a poppy — here's why: Opinion

I am vehemently anti-war, yet as soon as Halloween is over I keep my eyes open for Royal Canadian Legion volunteers collecting donations in exchange for poppy pins. Once secured, the challenge is to see if I can keep it fixed to my coat for the next 11 days.

How my love of horror made me a better person: Opinion

As an adult, I can draw a direct connection from my horror fanaticism to the development of my imagination, of my creative abilities, of my interest in other cultures, and in the strengthening of my empathy. Yes, empathy.