Brian Higgins


Brian Higgins joined CBC Prince Edward Island in 2002, following work in broadcasting, newspaper and magazine writing in central Canada. He follows law courts and justice issues on P.E.I., among other assignments.

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Sex charges stayed against former courthouse sheriff, TV host

New evidence has made conviction unlikely, says Crown.

Jail population returns to pre-pandemic level

The number of people behind bars on P.E.I. has returned to pre-pandemic levels, but restrictions remain in place inside corrections facilities.

4th sexual assault gets Island man 16 months in jail

A P.E.I. man has been sentenced to 16 months in jail for sexual assault, after the Crown prosecutor failed in his quest to have the man sentenced as an adult though he was under 18 at the time of the offence.

Arts groups deny allegations made by parents of sex-crime victim

Two P.E.I. arts groups have filed their statements of defence in a civil suit involving a teenage girl who was sexually abused.

Restaurant fined $5K for maskless dancing at private party, according to owner

The incident happened during a private gathering held after hours last Thursday.

Retailers, restaurants working to ride out another lockdown

Island restaurants and retail owners are willing to tough it out once again, but warn some Island companies may not survive

Return to class this fall brings relief, concerns to COVID-weary UPEI students

University administrators announced Wednesday that UPEI's fall academic semester will see a return to a "more normal academic experience." What that means come September, remains to be determined.

Rickety wharf replaced by rocky breakwater in Charlottetown Harbour

Responding to safety concerns, the province has removed wood and steel debris from the site of Rocky Point wharf in Charlottetown harbour. A rock breakwater has been installed to cap and contain the underwater remnants.

Town of Three Rivers will build new administration building in Montague

The Town of Three Rivers is moving ahead with plans to build a new administration building in Montague, but it will not necessarily be the amalgamated community's new town hall.

UPEI Student Union calls for new moratorium on loan payments

As the province prepares a budget while simultaneously fighting the pandemic's health and economic fallout, the student union at UPEI argues a new moratorium could put money where it's needed in the Island economy.