12 tips to keep fresh Christmas trees safe

The Charlottetown Fire Department presents 12 Days of Fire Safety this Christmas. On the second day: tips for fresh Christmas trees.

The Charlottetown Fire Department is presenting 12 Days of Fire Safety this Christmas.  On the second day: tips for people who have a fresh tree at home.

The department says one out of every three Christmas tree fires is caused by an electrical failure. Charlottetown Fire Department does not fight many Christmas tree fires, but says they are serious when they do occur.

The department offers these tips: 

  • When picking out a tree, choose one with fresh, green needles that don’t fall off when touched;
  • Cut about two inches from the base of the trunk before placing the tree in a stand;
  • Make sure the tree isn’t blocking any exits;
  • Add water to the tree stand on a daily basis;
  • Only use strings of CSA approved lights that are meant for indoor trees;
  • Never use lit candles to decorate a tree;
  • Always turn off the Christmas tree lights before leaving home or going to bed;
  • Keep Christmas trees at least three feet away from heat sources;
  • After Christmas, dispose of the tree through a recycling program. Don’t leave it leaning against your home or in your garage. Dried-out trees are a fire hazard.