Premier Tobin looks to be headed back to Ottawa

Premier Brian Tobin should tell people by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week just what's in store for his political future, but sources have told CBC the only question now is when he will announce he's running federally.

He was holed up all day Friday at home pondering a return to federal politics. He spent time consulting with his wife, Jodean, and burned up the phone lines with calls to friends and advisors.

At the same time, his health minister, Roger Grimes, a man who will run to replace Tobin once he leaves, used strong words in saying it's time Tobin decided.

"The only conversation I have had with him is that we need to have the issue settled once and for all. It's not good to have speculation about whether the leader of the government intends to stay here or leave." Newfoundland's representative in the federal cabinet, George Baker, quashed rumours he would be stepping aside for Tobin, but offered he would like the premier to run in the neighbouring riding of Bonavista-Trinity-Conception.

However, reaction on the street is mixed to the suggestion of Tobin leaving for Ottawa again.

Tobin had been an MP for 16 years, serving at one point as Canada's minister of fisheries.

One of Tobin's key provincial ministers, tourism's Chuck Furey, has told CBC he plans to jump into federal politics as well. He'll be seeking the party's nomination in St. John's West. He's already obtained office space in Mount Pearl.