PQ takes clarity bill complaints to Ottawa

The federal government's clarity bill is an insult to Quebecers, the provincial government has told a parliamentary committee holding hearings into the legislation.

Bill C-20, which sets rules on any future sovereignty referendum, represents unacceptable interference in the province's affairs, Quebec's Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Joseph Facal said Thursday.

"If Quebecers one day should choose to leave Canada and become a sovereign country, you can be sure that C-20 won't stop them," Facal said.

"I mean the Berlin Wall didn't stop nations from becoming fully sovereign, do you really think such a legislative piece of crap will have the same result?" he added.

The parliamentary committee also heard straight talk from William Johnson, head of Quebec's largest anglophone lobby group, Alliance Quebec.

Johnson said C-20 will avoid the usual confusion spread by separatists.

"The people of Quebec have been so brainwashed, so misled and confused that they truly believe in the fairy tale of secession as told by Jacques Parizeau and Lucien Bouchard," Johnson said.