Possible serial killer in custody in Moncton

Codiac RCMP may have one of Canada's worst serial killers in custody. Michael Wayne McGray has been in custody since he was charged a year and a half ago with the murders of a Moncton woman and her 11-year old daughter. Friday, police announced McGray will be charged with 3-other murders in Saint John and Montreal. And, perhaps more murders in the near future.

34-year old Michael Wayne McGray has a long history of angry outbursts, violence and drugs. He was in and out of institutions from 1985 to 1995. A year and a half ago, he was charged in the stabbing death of Joan Hicks and in the death of her 11-year old daughter Nina in their Moncton apartment. While awaiting trial at the Atlantic Maximum Security Institution, McGray began to talk about other murders, says Const. Mark Gallagher of the RCMP. "Our investigators through the course of their investigation have talked to other people who are known to McGray and to McGray himself. "

Gallagher says is soon became obvious to police that McGray was telling the truth about his involvement in other killings. "We have sources that gave us the information - the montreal urban police and also in saint john were able to verify his story - and only the person who was involved in the crime would know the details."

And, now after months of investigation, Montreal Police say they'll charge McGray with the 1991 murders of two men who frequented this gay bar. Robert Assaly and Gaetan Ethier were stabbed to death - sparking fear that a serial killer was stalking homosexuals.

Police say McGray also told them about another murder in Saint John, New Brunswick. He's expected to be charged in the 1987 stabbing death of Mark Daniel Gibbons. His body was found inside the Market Square complex.

McGray and his lawyer will be appearing in court on Monday to set a trial date for the murders of Joan Hicks and her daughter Nina. McGray will then be sent to Quebec to be charged with the murders of Assaly and Ethier. Police in New Brunswick are reopening old murder files and more charges are expected in the next few weeks.