PM in denial over privatization of health care: Layton

NDP Leader Jack Layton and PM Paul Martin will hold talks Tuesday about the future of health care and what legislation will be handled in this parliamentary session.

NDP Leader Jack Layton expressed disappointment over Tuesday's meeting with Paul Martin on Canada's health care system, accusing the prime minister of ignoring the growing problem of privatization.

"I think the prime minister is in denial. He doesn't think privatization is going on," Layton said.

Layton went into the meeting looking for a commitment from the Liberals to put a stop to private health care.

He said that unless there's "significant action" on the issue, "Mr. Martin can't count on our support."

The prime minister has counted on the NDP's support to prop up his minority Liberal government. Martin would only say that the two leaders had a "good meeting" about the issue.

Similar talks last spring ended with the Liberals agreeing to add $4.6 billion in new spending to their 2005 budget in return for the NDP's pledge to not vote with the Conservatives and Bloc Québécois to bring down the government.