Plane missing in Lake Winnipeg

A small plane is believed to have crashed into the waters of Lake Winnipeg. There is no word on whether the three people on board have survived.

A military search and rescue team was immediately called in. A Canadian Forces Hercules rescue plane was deployed from Winnipeg to begin the search.

The plane headed north towards Lake Winnipeg, to search the waters around Reindeer Island, near the centre of the Lake.

The single engine plane was traveling from Poplar River to Fairford First Nation.

The small plane sent out two mayday calls at 10:30 this morning. In the first call, the pilot said they were trying to make it to Reindeer Island.

The second call confirmed they were going down into the water.

The plane hasn't been heard from since.

The small plane was carrying three passengers: 19 year old Katy Lynn Mitchell of Poplar River and her 45 year old mother Mary Bella Sinclair, of Lake St. Martin.

The pilot is 66-year-old Milton Menzies of Fairford, Manitoba.

Menzies is a retired pilot from Air Canada and is also a lay-minister with the Pentecostal church. He has flown regularly between Poplar River and Fairford.

Menzies reportedly went once a week to Poplar river for bible study.

Two RCMP Twin Otters were in the area at the time of the distress call and were on the scene almost immediately.

The Hercules was training nearby, and was also deployed right away.

It stayed up, searching the area, for 7 hours and landed to refuel.

The search mission is expected to continue through Thursday night.