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CBC Radio correspondent Laura Lynch has reported from many parts of the world, most recently Europe and the Middle East. She has also worked as the CBC's Washington correspondent and as a parliamentary reporter in Ottawa. She is based in Vancouver.

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Halifax man charged with violating Syria sanctions continues to conduct business in war-torn country

A Halifax man who is the first person charged with violating Canada's economic sanctions against Syria is back in Damascus doing business there, CBC News has learned. Nader Kalai, a Syrian national with permanent residency in Canada, is known to be a close associate of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Council that regulates immigration consultants accused of fraud, forgery and human rights violations

The council that oversees the work of thousands of immigration consultants in Canada is facing serious allegations from one of its own members, who has filed a court action against the non-profit organization in Ontario Superior Court.

'I feel like I found my people': Consumer DNA test unlocks family secret for this Canadian father and daughter

Adriana Brown stepped quietly down the darkened hallway of the apartment building, stopped in front of the last door on the left — suite 232 — and took a deep breath. Then she knocked. A few seconds later, she stood face to face with her birth father, a man she had never met in person.

'I thank him for my own life': Swiss diplomat used legal ruse to save tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews

Holocaust survivors who were among those saved by a Swiss diplomat who negotiated with the Nazis to get a legal exemption from deportation for thousands of Hungarian Jews and secretly expanded it to their families want to see him honoured in the same way that men such as Raoul Wallenberg and Oskar Schindler have been.

'It was gone — my nose, my mouth, my eye, my teeth, my jaw': New life can't erase old wounds for this refugee

Shakila Zareen's husband shot her in the face in 2012 in Afghanistan for reporting his abuse to the police. She survived. Six years and countless surgeries later, she arrived in Vancouver as a refugee. The story of her arrival in Canada was told for the first time to CBC News and The Current.
CBC Investigates

RCMP investigating supervisor for allegedly simulating sex act on an eggplant

An RCMP supervisor who appeared to simulate fellatio on an eggplant while at work and who allegedly texted questionable comments about black policemen and the Black Lives Matter movement is being investigated for his conduct.

B.C. now shut out of Canada's highest court: Does it matter?

With the retirement of Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin, the Supreme Court of Canada now comprises three judges from Quebec, three from Ontario, one from Newfoundland and two from Alberta.

'Impossible to close the gap': Immigration board boss says more resources needed to process legacy refugees

Faced with a swelling backlog and a promise to resolve five-year-old asylum claims, the chair of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada admits he needs more funding and more people.

Agency that oversees immigration consultants appears to be in turmoil

The council that oversees thousands of immigration consultants in Canada is in the midst of what many describe as a crisis, beset by resignations, infighting and harsh criticism from lawmakers and lawyers.

B.C. couple shows military families path to healing from PTSD

A new five-day course organized by a B.C. veteran and his wife aims to help military families cope with post-traumatic stress disorder by involving the whole family and not just the former soldiers suffering from it.