Your City Deals customers left hanging over promised gift cards

An online coupon company that sold LCBO gift cards in Ottawa at half price before the Christmas holidays is still struggling to deliver the cards.
Some who bought LCBO cards at Christmas are still waiting for their cards from Your City Deals. 2:24

An online coupon company that sold LCBO gift cards in Ottawa at half price before the Christmas holidays is still struggling to deliver the cards.

The Better Business Bureau has expanded a consumer alert on the company, called Your City Deals.

Linda Prevost is one of many people who paid $25 for $50 LCBO gift cards at half price from Your City Deals because it seemed like a great way to save on wine for Christmas.

"Well it was an amazing deal, half off, $25 for a $50 gift card," said Prevost.

She now believe the company won't come through with its end of the deal. "Well, they got me. It's a nice scam."

While the company assured her early last month that the cards were on their way, Prevost said now she can't log onto her account with the company and her emails are being bounced back.

When CBC Ottawa contacted Your City Deals' owner Phil Dzidah, he said delays in sending gift cards is the fault of a subcontractor and blamed problems with logging onto website accounts on a server company in the Ukraine.

But he insists Your City Deals is moving forward and about to relaunch itself.

BBB issues consumers alert

The Better Business Bureau, however, is not convinced Your City Deals is still in business. The bureau continues to receive new complaints about the company and has since issued a consumer alert.

"We've tried different phone numbers, different addresses, we cannot seem to locate the business," said Diane Ladeluca, regional president of the business bureau, adding that company keeps moving, which should be a red flag for consumers.

"They had an initial address on Murray Street in the (Byward) Market, which the mail was returned from. Then they had another address which we tried again on Rochester (Street), which the mail was returned from again," said Ladeluca.

Your City Deals latest address on Merivale Road is also returning mail sent from the business bureau.

Even the LCBO questioned the promotion early on — is said Your City Deals was not authorized to sell LCBO gift cards.

Linda Prevost, meanwhile, doubts if she'll ever receive the three cards she bought.

"I got played, I got played," she said.