Where are the payphones in Ottawa?

The CRTC has blocked a plan to raise the cost of a payphone call to $1. So, where should you spend your 50 cents? We've got you covered.

Last year All in a Day listeners helped us track the city's payphone locations

Last year the move by Bell Aliant Regional Communications and Télébec to raise the price of a local pay phone call from 50 cents to a dollar got Alan Neal at CBC Ottawa's All in a Day wondering if pay phones were soon to be an endangered species.

To track them, he asked listeners to help create a map of phone locations, which you can see above.

Did we miss one? Tweet us a picture of the payphone and the intersection or location in question @CBCOttawa.

A year later, we return to the map, after the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission on Tuesday blocked the plan to raise the prices.

The phone companies had argued the rise in price would slow the rate at which payphones were removed, but the commission said a 2007 price increase has not stopped the trend of fewer phones in public and private spaces.

A payphone at O'Connor and Gloucester. (Submitted by Alan Neal)

Public consultation begins on payphones

The regulator has begun a consultation seeking comments about how payphones should be regulated and whether it should prohibit companies from removing pay phones altogether.

It got us thinking about the map again; it is by no means complete, and who knows how many payphones snapped a year ago are still there?

We're working out a plan to add more to the map, but for now, in honour of the CRTC decision, here it is where we last left it. Make your 50 cents count.