Warning to use trampolines safely

Some local doctors are warning children and parents to use trampolines safely because misuse can lead to serious injuries.

Physicians note correlation between activity and bad ankle fractures that can impair growth

The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario is reporting a spike in trampoline-related injuries. 2:10

Some local doctors are warning children and parents to use trampolines safely because misuse can lead to serious injuries.

Paul Moroz, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, said physicians are noticing a correlation between the playful bouncing activity and bad ankle fractures that can impair growth.

"We've been seeing certain patterns of injuries from the trampolines," said Moroz.

Valerie Bergeron did not break her ankle on a trampoline, but last week she suffered a bad sprain.

"We were jumping from trampoline to trampoline," said 17 year old Bergerson, "and then I just fell and heard it crack."

Multiple jumpers increase danger

Serious injuries can happen when more than one person jumps on a trampoline at the same time.

"Sometimes the mat will be coming up to you as you're actually coming down, and you're actually creating forces that are even harder than if you hit the ground outright," said Moroz.

Moroz recommends that children younger than six years old do not use trampolines. He recommends that people go to facilities that teach proper technique and that proper fencing is installed. He also recommends avoiding having two people on a trampoline at once.