Warning issued after 5 kitchen fires in Ottawa over 2 days

Ottawa fire officials have issued a warning and six cooking safety tips after five kitchen fires in the city over a span of two days.

Ottawa fire officials issue 6 cooking safety tips to caution residents

Ottawa fire officials are warning residents to watch while cooking after a fifth kitchen fire in just two days.

Officials reminded residents to stay in the kitchen while cooking, especially if using oil or cooking with high temperatures, after fires like the one at 1600 Cedar Mills Rd.

Firefighters responded just after 10 p.m. Tuesday after a 911 call reported a fire in Orleans near the southern intersection of Jeanne D’Arc and Orleans boulevards.

The home was evacuated and the two people who lived there are now homeless as a result of the fire, which caused about $15,000 damage.

Earlier in the day, officials cautioned residents about cooking dangers by sharing these tips:

  • Stay in the kitchen while cooking, especially if using oil or high temperatures.
  • Keep a proper-fitting pot lid near the stove when cooking. If a pot catches fire, slide the lid over the pot and turn off the stove. Do not move the pan.
  • Wear tight-fitting or rolled-up sleeves when using the stove. Loose, dangling clothing can easily catch fire.
  • Keep combustible items such as cooking utensils, dishcloths, paper towels and potholders a safe distance from the stove.
  • Keep children away from the stove. Make sure electrical cords are not dangling from countertops where they could be pulled over by small children.
  • Cool a burn by running cool water over the wound for three to five minutes. If the burn is severe, seek medical attention.