Ottawa deputy police chief charged again

Uday Jaswal, the suspended deputy police chief of the Ottawa Police Service, has been charged with discreditable conduct in connection with his time at the Durham Regional Police Service, CBC News has learned.

Uday Jaswal charged in connection with time at Durham Regional Police Service

Uday Jaswal, deputy police chief with the Ottawa Police Service, speaks to a CBC reporter in 2019. CBC News has learned two discreditable conduct charges have been filed against him in connection with his time at the Durham Regional Police Service. (CBC)

A suspended Ottawa deputy police chief already charged with disciplinary offences for alleged sexual harassment has been charged yet again, CBC News has learned.

Deputy Chief Uday Jaswal has been charged with two counts of discreditable conduct under the Police Services Act in connection with his time as deputy chief at the Durham Regional Police Service, according to his lawyer.

That brings the total number of misconduct charges Jaswal faces to eight. 

Jaswal was charged in 2020 with six counts of misconduct — three counts of discreditable conduct and three counts of insubordination — for allegedly sexually harassing three female Ottawa Police Service (OPS) employees.

Those offences are currently being tried at a disciplinary hearing that began earlier this month. All of the charges against him were laid by the Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC).

One of 3 Durham officials investigated

Jaswal was hired by Ottawa police in 1995. He rose to the rank of superintendent before leaving the city in 2016 to be deputy chief in Durham.

Jaswal was one of three senior executives with the Durham Regional Police Service who were being investigated by the OCPC over allegations of corruption and abuse of power. 

The service's former police chief is no longer employed by the Durham police.

In 2018, the Ottawa Police Services Board brought back Jaswal to be the city's deputy chief. In 2019, while the service was looking for its next police chief, Jaswal opted not to serve as interim chief when the allegations against him and the ongoing investigation in Durham became public.

On Friday, Coun. Diane Deans, chair of the Ottawa police services board, declined to comment on the charges, citing the need for a fair process. 

Deputy chief Uday Jaswal, second from left, has been suspended with pay since the first disciplinary charges were laid against him in March 2020. (Matthew Kupfer/CBC)

Sexual harassment allegations

In September of that year, the first sexual harassment allegations became public when a civilian OPS employee filed a human rights complaint alleging repeated come-ons and an incident of unwanted touching.

Jaswal was suspended with pay by the board in March 2020 when the first disciplinary charges against him were laid.

Two additional women, both police officers, later came forward to investigators with more allegations.

Jaswal's lawyer Ari Goldkind said his client "remains concerned that the OCPC continues to demonstrate a lack of impartiality and fairness. The OCPC continues to be his investigator, his prosecutor, his judge and his jury."

Goldkind said Jaswal will answer the allegations "in due course."

Jaswal's disciplinary hearing for the Ottawa charges is scheduled to resume in May.


  • A previous version of this story contained incorrect information about the employment status of the Durham police chief administrative officer. He remains employed by that service service.
    Apr 30, 2021 3:35 PM ET


Shaamini Yogaretnam

CBC Ottawa reporter

Shaamini Yogaretnam is CBC Ottawa's justice, crime and police reporter. She has spent nearly a decade covering crime in the nation's capital. You can reach her at or 613-220-2486.

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