After a 25-year hiatus, Ottawa rockers The Town Cryers are back

The Town Cryers recorded their album 'Stanley's Cup' in 1992, but never put it out. Now the Ottawa rockers are back together and making those tunes available to a new audience.

Meant to release new album 'Stanley's Cup' in 1992 — but never did

The Town Cryers had planned to release their album 'Stanley's Cup' in 1992, but it sat unreleased for 25 years — until now. From left, Rick Dixon, Jeff Tanguay, Kevin Smith and John Allaire play at Irene's Pub in Ottawa on Dec. 9, 2017. (Yannick Beauvalet)

A quarter century after recording their last album, The Town Cryers are finally making the songs heard.

A sold-out show at Irene's Pub on Bank Street on Dec. 8 marked the beginning of their "Break's Over Tour" and the release of the Ottawa rockers' long-awaited album Stanley's Cup.

Lead vocalist John Allaire and bassist Rick Dixon spoke to CBC's All In a Day on Friday, and said life just got in the way of releasing the album back in 1992..

"We had other things that we wanted to try," Allaire said. "And we were in our 20s."

Guitarists Jeff Tanguay, left, and John Allaire played a sold-out show with The Town Cryers on Saturday night. (Yannick Beauvalet)

'Let's be The Town Cryers again'

The members of the group all remained friends after the band broke up, he added, and never stopped playing music individually.

After they dispersed, Stanley's Cup sat unreleased on a digital audio tape that Allaire held on to.

Allaire said the band's reunion came about because of the significance of the date.

"I was looking at how long ago it was, and it was the 25th anniversary," he said. "We all decided that hey, let's be The Town Cryers again."

Dixon said he was ready for the comeback, but remembering the songs was a bit of a challenge — at least, at first.

"It came back easily," Dixon said. "Just a couple of practices and we found a lot of the songs fairly quickly."

Back on tour

Friday's sold-out performance at Irene's Pub featured Allaire, Jeff Tanguay on guitar and vocals, Dixon on bass and Kevin Smith on the drums. 

The Town Cryers broke up in the 1990s before releasing Stanley's Cup. The Ottawa rockers are now planning on touring the album, 25 years later. (Yannick Beauvalet)

All the songs on the album are the original recordings from the early 90s, Allaire said.

"We just had it remastered, brought up to today's standards, but we didn't remix anything," he said. "It's as you would have gotten it in 1992."

Allaire said the group will hopefully be hitting the road in the spring. There's already been some interest from other communities in Ontario, he noted.

"We're going to put our lives on hold," Allaire said. "And we're going to see what happens."

With files from CBC's All in a Day