Tornado touched down in Ottawa Monday

Pine View Golf Course employee said 'it looked like a bomb went off' after Monday evening's tornado cut a swath through property.

Videos sent in to CBC News show the tornado forming over east Ottawa

Tornado touched down in Ottawa Monday 2:48

Environment Canada has confirmed that a small tornado touched down at Pine View Golf Course in the east end of Ottawa.

The tornado, spotted in the Blair and Montreal roads area in east Ottawa, was part of a sudden storm that hit the nation's capital Monday evening.

"To be honest, it looked like a bomb went off here on the fourth tee. It really did," said Nathan Battigelli, an assistant superintendent at Pine View Golf Course, who was working when the bad weather hit.

"It was sunny, it was warm, it was pretty calm, and within minutes it was overcast, freezing and pouring rain sideways," said Battigelli.

"It's bizarre because it's about a 30-yard-wide path, almost a straight line, diagonally through the property," said Scott Mikkelsen, who also works at the course.

"On either side of that 30-yard-wide path, things are untouched," said Mikkelsen.

Staff estimate that somewhere between 20 to 30 trees were taken down and it will be a week before everything is cleared out, although the course remains open.

You sent us your videos

Ottawa residents sent CBC Ottawa climatologist Ian Black their videos of the clouds forming over the supper hour Monday.

Michel White sent in the video seen above from an apartment building in Gatineau, while Nancy Adams sent in the video seen below from her home in east Ottawa.

Monday's storm caused some major damage at the municipally-owned Pineview Golf Club at 1471 Blair Rd. The golf club tweeted this photo. (Photo courtesy of Pineview Golf Club)

The video above shows the funnel cloud moving closer to the ground. The one below shows a cloud that resembles a "cinnamon roll" forming amidst a dark, gloomy sky.

Pine View Golf Course tweeted out photos Tuesday morning of the damage caused by the storm. Trees were torn down as workers began to cleanup.

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