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Phoenix 'pay pods' show some success, but still no word on overall fix

One year after instituting a special "pay pod" system to deal with the controversial Phoenix pay system's ongoing backlog, Ottawa says it's showing results. But the government still won't say when all public servants can expect to be paid correctly.

MP promises no pay problems for Portage III workers

Unions are skeptical that hundreds of federal employees will make the move from Gatineau to Ottawa without experiencing problems with their pay stubs.

Government could compensate all public servants for Phoenix

The federal Liberals are considering some sort of "tiered" compensation for the Phoenix pay system where every public servant gets something for the stress its problems have caused, says a government source.

Phoenix grievances more than double in a year

The number of grievances the federal government is facing that are directly related to the Phoenix payroll system has more than doubled in the last year, Radio-Canada reports.

Phoenix to take 5 years, billions to fix: report

A newly released federal report estimates the problem-plagued Phoenix payroll system has already cost Canadian government coffers more than $1 billion and could require an additional $500 million a year until it is fixed.

Anxiety over Phoenix crippling workers, families

Chuck and Shauna Rowsell spent hours in a Kingston, Ont., emergency room last week while hospital staff puzzled over the cause of Shauna's illness. For Chuck, it was no medical mystery: he blames the federal government's failed Phoenix pay system.

'I'm not afraid of cancer, I'm afraid of Phoenix'

Lynn McDaniel has no trouble discussing her breast cancer diagnosis and recent mastectomy, but the damage done by Phoenix over the past two year brings tears to her eyes.

Phoenix 'pay pod' pilot to go government-wide by 2019

A pilot project that assigns Phoenix pay system troubleshooters to work directly with specific federal departments will go government-wide by mid-2019, the minister in charge announced Friday.

Phoenix replacement will better mesh HR, pay systems, minister pledges

The replacement for the beleaguered Phoenix pay system will have to better integrate the government’s human resources and pay departments, Public Services and Procurement Canada Minister Carla Qualtrough told senators at a committee hearing Wednesday night.

Public service union says it's owed $10M due to Phoenix

A union representing tens of thousands of public servants says the federal government now owes more than $10 million in union dues because of ongoing problems with the Phoenix payroll system.

Phoenix pay system glitch shuts down access to pay stubs

Federal civil servants are being told they'll have to wait this week to see the details of their paycheques after a "technical glitch" forced a shutdown of the Phoenix pay account system.

Correcting Phoenix: Collecting overpayments from workers easier said than done

Eight years after a payroll fiasco similar to Canada's own experience with Phoenix, the Australian state of Queensland is still struggling to recover tens of millions of dollars paid in error to its employees.

Phoenix fix approaching $1B as feds look at scrapping system

After pouring more than $900 million in taxpayer money into the beleaguered Phoenix pay system, the federal government is looking at eventually scrapping the software altogether.

Canada learned from Australian experience, Phoenix minister says

Following a CBC/Radio-Canada report, Minister Carla Qualtrough said her government learned from the errors caused by the Phoenix in Australia when the Canadian government rolled out the same system in 2016.

How to fix Phoenix: Put payroll back in local hands, Australian experts say

When faced with a payroll fiasco similar to Canada's situation with the Phoenix system, the Australian state of Queensland chose an expensive strategy, but one observers say was successful: they put payroll back in local hands.

Australian payroll fiasco foreshadowed Phoenix's failed launch in Canada

Officials in the Australian state of Queensland who studied their own failed implementation of an IBM-provided payroll system say Canada would have benefited from their hard-earned lessons before launching Phoenix for federal public servants.

NDP to demand apology, compensation for public servants affected by Phoenix fiasco

The NDP will table a motion in the House of Commons today urging the federal government to both apologize to public servants who've experienced Phoenix pay woes and compensate them for the hardship they've endured.

Your Phoenix stories from across Canada

Canadians from coast to coast to coast continue to suffer under the federal government's broken Phoenix pay system. Here are some of their stories.

Phoenix preventing public servants from retiring

More than a year-and-a-half into the Phoenix fiasco, Dale and Susan Skaarup are worried that Susan's ongoing problems with her federal government paycheque could hijack their long-awaited retirement. Several federal workers reached out to CBC with concerns over irregular pension calculations due to the failed pay system.

As federal Phoenix payroll fiasco hits 2-year mark, families continue to bear brunt of it

Two years after the federal government launched Phoenix, public servants and their families across the country continue to suffer under the problem-plagued pay system, with no fix in sight.

Confusion reigns at pay centre as Phoenix deadline looms

Federal government workers have until Friday to report overpayments received under the Phoenix system, or risk being forced to repay much higher gross amounts. But some who owe money are being told they don't.

Phoenix built to fail, HR report finds

The government's problematic Phoenix payroll software was "deliberately customized" to perform a number of tasks that have led to a cascade of pay errors, according to a document obtained by CBC.

Pay centres overwhelmed as Phoenix overpayment deadline approaches

Federal government workers who've been overpaid through the troubled Phoenix pay system are voicing frustrations with a plan to report the overpayments in order to avoid costly tax implications.

Public servants have until end of month to deal with 2017 Phoenix overpayments

The federal government says public servants who have been overpaid by the Phoenix pay system have until Jan. 31 to have their issues processed to avoid having to return their gross pay.

Corrections Canada rehires workers to tackle Phoenix pay issues

Correctional Service Canada has rehired 22 workers in an attempt to prevent future payroll issues with the much-maligned Phoenix pay system, CBC News has learned.