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Supreme Court won't allow expanded Phoenix pay system lawsuit

The Supreme Court of Canada will not hear a bid to have more federal civil servants included in a class-action lawsuit against the government over the faulty Phoenix pay system, effectively excluding workers who have access to a federal grievance process.

Phoenix replacement chosen for testing

A German software company has been chosen to test out its replacement for the Phoenix pay system.

RCMP civilian employees won't be moved to Phoenix pay system

Civilian employees with the RCMP will not be moved to the troubled Phoenix pay system, according to the national police force and Treasury Board of Canada.

Former federal employees can now request Phoenix compensation

Former federal public servants affected by ongoing Phoenix pay system problems could soon qualify for compensation similar to that already granted to current employees.

Phoenix fiasco flying under election radar

Around 228,000 government employees — more than half of the federal public service — continue to have problems with the Phoenix pay system. But the main federal parties don't seem to want to talk about it.

PSAC unimpressed with mass government email on Phoenix offer

The federal government’s largest public sector union is calling a mass email to public servants about a settlement for the Phoenix pay system a 'pressure tactic' designed to push its members toward the deal.

Pay-worker retention deal expires, renewing concerns about Phoenix backlog

The federal government has let an agreement expire that gave retention bonuses to workers trying to deal with a mountain of problems created by the Phoenix civil-service pay system — raising questions about commitments to eradicate a massive backlog of improper pay files.

Phoenix replacement process aiming for transparency

There's more riding on the federal government's plan to replace the chronically dysfunctional Phoenix pay system than just paying workers properly, according to a former government executive, and that's why transparency is key.

3 companies competing to replace Phoenix named

Ceridian, SAP and Workday will vie to build new public service pay system in a procurement that's moving at "warp speed," according to a member of the team that's leading the process.

Several Phoenix pay system replacements expected to get test runs

The minister responsible for replacing the federal government's disastrous civil-service pay system says a series of pay "experiments" will likely be tested alongside Phoenix, created by IBM.

Contract deal reached with 30K federal public servants

The federal government has reached contract deals with more than 30,000 public servants that includes leave for victims of domestic violence and leeway for its implementation under the troubled Phoenix pay system.

Phoenix pay system cost could total $2.6B before cheaper replacement ready

The troubled Phoenix pay system for Canadian public servants will need over a billion more dollars to fix once and for all, a process that could take another four years, a federal watchdog says.

Phoenix cost soars by another $137M, paid to IBM

The federal government continues to pay millions of dollars more than expected to IBM to run the troubled Phoenix pay system, despite its many problems.

3 in 4 public servants overpaid by Phoenix

Nearly three-quarters of federal public servants have received too much money on at least one paycheque issued by the Phoenix pay system.

Justice department wants records kept for Phoenix class-action suit

Faced with an expanding class-action lawsuit related to the Phoenix pay system, the federal government is taking steps to preserve records.

Liberals 'throwing good money after bad' on Phoenix, union says

The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada says the Liberals are wasting taxpayers' money by throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at the failed Phoenix pay system instead of finding a replacement for it.

Budget promises millions more for Phoenix fix

The federal budget unveiled Tuesday contains new money to fix and eventually replace the federal government payroll system, and reveals plans to build new crossings across the Ottawa River.

More money to replace Phoenix needed in budget, unions say

Public service unions will be scouring Tuesday's federal budget for a significant investment to continue the work to replace the problem-plagued Phoenix pay system.

Public servants protest against Phoenix system in Gatineau

Public servants frustrated with the troubled Phoenix payroll system demonstrated Saturday in Gatineau, Que.

Clearing Phoenix pay backlog could take up to 5 years

As the federal government forges ahead to replace the Phoenix payroll system, internal government documents obtained by CBC News say clearing the backlog is at least three to five years away, and "overall stability" won't be achieved for 10 or more years.

Phoenix 'pay pods' show some success, but still no word on overall fix

One year after instituting a special "pay pod" system to deal with the controversial Phoenix pay system's ongoing backlog, Ottawa says it's showing results. But the government still won't say when all public servants can expect to be paid correctly.

MP promises no pay problems for Portage III workers

Unions are skeptical that hundreds of federal employees will make the move from Gatineau to Ottawa without experiencing problems with their pay stubs.

Government could compensate all public servants for Phoenix

The federal Liberals are considering some sort of "tiered" compensation for the Phoenix pay system where every public servant gets something for the stress its problems have caused, says a government source.

Phoenix grievances more than double in a year

The number of grievances the federal government is facing that are directly related to the Phoenix payroll system has more than doubled in the last year, Radio-Canada reports.

Phoenix to take 5 years, billions to fix: report

A newly released federal report estimates the problem-plagued Phoenix payroll system has already cost Canadian government coffers more than $1 billion and could require an additional $500 million a year until it is fixed.

Anxiety over Phoenix crippling workers, families

Chuck and Shauna Rowsell spent hours in a Kingston, Ont., emergency room last week while hospital staff puzzled over the cause of Shauna's illness. For Chuck, it was no medical mystery: he blames the federal government's failed Phoenix pay system.

'I'm not afraid of cancer, I'm afraid of Phoenix'

Lynn McDaniel has no trouble discussing her breast cancer diagnosis and recent mastectomy, but the damage done by Phoenix over the past two year brings tears to her eyes.

More than 600K cases still pending in Phoenix pay system

Problems with the federal government's Phoenix pay system continue to cause headaches for more than half of all federal public servants, according to the latest update.

Phoenix 'pay pod' pilot to go government-wide by 2019

A pilot project that assigns Phoenix pay system troubleshooters to work directly with specific federal departments will go government-wide by mid-2019, the minister in charge announced Friday.

Phoenix replacement will better mesh HR, pay systems, minister pledges

The replacement for the beleaguered Phoenix pay system will have to better integrate the government’s human resources and pay departments, Public Services and Procurement Canada Minister Carla Qualtrough told senators at a committee hearing Wednesday night.

Public service union says it's owed $10M due to Phoenix

A union representing tens of thousands of public servants says the federal government now owes more than $10 million in union dues because of ongoing problems with the Phoenix payroll system.

Phoenix pay system glitch shuts down access to pay stubs

Federal civil servants are being told they'll have to wait this week to see the details of their paycheques after a "technical glitch" forced a shutdown of the Phoenix pay account system.

Correcting Phoenix: Collecting overpayments from workers easier said than done

Eight years after a payroll fiasco similar to Canada's own experience with Phoenix, the Australian state of Queensland is still struggling to recover tens of millions of dollars paid in error to its employees.

Phoenix fix approaching $1B as feds look at scrapping system

After pouring more than $900 million in taxpayer money into the beleaguered Phoenix pay system, the federal government is looking at eventually scrapping the software altogether.

Canada learned from Australian experience, Phoenix minister says

Following a CBC/Radio-Canada report, Minister Carla Qualtrough said her government learned from the errors caused by the Phoenix in Australia when the Canadian government rolled out the same system in 2016.

How to fix Phoenix: Put payroll back in local hands, Australian experts say

When faced with a payroll fiasco similar to Canada's situation with the Phoenix system, the Australian state of Queensland chose an expensive strategy, but one observers say was successful: they put payroll back in local hands.

NDP to demand apology, compensation for public servants affected by Phoenix fiasco

The NDP will table a motion in the House of Commons today urging the federal government to both apologize to public servants who've experienced Phoenix pay woes and compensate them for the hardship they've endured.

Australian payroll fiasco foreshadowed Phoenix's failed launch in Canada

Officials in the Australian state of Queensland who studied their own failed implementation of an IBM-provided payroll system say Canada would have benefited from their hard-earned lessons before launching Phoenix for federal public servants.

Your Phoenix stories from across Canada

Canadians from coast to coast to coast continue to suffer under the federal government's broken Phoenix pay system. Here are some of their stories.

As federal Phoenix payroll fiasco hits 2-year mark, families continue to bear brunt of it

Two years after the federal government launched Phoenix, public servants and their families across the country continue to suffer under the problem-plagued pay system, with no fix in sight.

Pay public servants for Phoenix stress, unions tell PM

Unions representing more than 225,000 federal public servants are asking the federal government to compensate workers for the stress and lost time caused by the troubled Phoenix pay system.

Confusion reigns at pay centre as Phoenix deadline looms

Federal government workers have until Friday to report overpayments received under the Phoenix system, or risk being forced to repay much higher gross amounts. But some who owe money are being told they don't.

Phoenix built to fail, HR report finds

The government's problematic Phoenix payroll software was "deliberately customized" to perform a number of tasks that have led to a cascade of pay errors, according to a document obtained by CBC.

Pay centres overwhelmed as Phoenix overpayment deadline approaches

Federal government workers who've been overpaid through the troubled Phoenix pay system are voicing frustrations with a plan to report the overpayments in order to avoid costly tax implications.

Public servants have until end of month to deal with 2017 Phoenix overpayments

The federal government says public servants who have been overpaid by the Phoenix pay system have until Jan. 31 to have their issues processed to avoid having to return their gross pay.

Corrections Canada rehires workers to tackle Phoenix pay issues

Correctional Service Canada has rehired 22 workers in an attempt to prevent future payroll issues with the much-maligned Phoenix pay system, CBC News has learned.

Phoenix preventing public servants from retiring

More than a year-and-a-half into the Phoenix fiasco, Dale and Susan Skaarup are worried that Susan's ongoing problems with her federal government paycheque could hijack their long-awaited retirement. Several federal workers reached out to CBC with concerns over irregular pension calculations due to the failed pay system.

Phoenix leads to persistent end-of-year tax questions

Almost two years into the Phoenix fiasco, public servants are worried that they will go through another tax season with incorrect T4s and tax filings.

New Phoenix pay issue could mean $0 paycheques for Christmas

Some federal employees have been told to prepare for a major post-Christmas letdown: paycheques that are wildly incorrect and potentially void of any funds whatsoever.

Canadian Digital Service takes startup approach to building better IT for government

The Canadian Digital Service is recruiting tech brains from across the country and around the world in an effort to do IT differently inside the federal government.

Ottawa tech consortium pitching alternative to Phoenix

When federal government officials visit the innovation hub at Ottawa's Bayview Yards on Tuesday, a consortium of local companies plans to pitch an alternate solution to the failed Phoenix payroll system.

Ottawa MPs inundated with pleas from Phoenix victims

Ottawa-area MPs say they're being inundated by requests for help from constituents whose personal finances are in ruins thanks to the Phoenix payroll meltdown.

Phoenix by the numbers: 31,000 more cases revealed

New data from 25 federal departments and agencies reveal 31,000 more Phoenix cases than were reported by the Auditor General last week, CBC News has learned.

Government won't scrap Phoenix, Commons committee told

The federal government says it won't scrap the troubled Phoenix pay system, despite its costly problems and criticisms from the auditor general.

Union wants to keep RCMP civilian employees from moving to Phoenix

The Canadian Union of Public Employees has filed an injunction application in federal court seeking to prevent any more RCMP civilian employees from being switched over the Phoenix pay system.

AG report doesn't give full scope of Phoenix problem

Canada's auditor general says the $520 million in outstanding Phoenix pay claims revealed in his fall audit on Tuesday does not give the entire scope of the problem, because his team was not given pay information for all the departments using Phoenix.

Phoenix fix to cost more, take longer, AG finds

Canada's auditor general says the bill to fix the disastrous Phoenix payroll system will be much higher than the $540 million allocated by the federal government, pushing the overall cost of Phoenix closer to $1 billion.

Minister issues apology to public servants over Phoenix

Federal public servants across the country will receive an apology from the minister of Public Services and Procurement Canada over the disastrous Phoenix pay system.
Phoenix Falling

Kingston woman overpaid by Phoenix — then told to pay back much more

For the past 20 months, Shauna Rowsell has been begging advisers at the Phoenix pay centre to help fix massive overpayments that have landed in her account.

Pay workers complain of pressure to close Phoenix cases

In an attempt to deal with the growing backlog of flawed pay files, compensation advisors working in Phoenix pay centres tell CBC they're under intense pressure to quickly close incorrect pay complaints, even when the problems haven't been fully resolved.

Collective agreement work adds to Phoenix backlog, minister says

The minister in charge of managing the federal government's Phoenix payroll system said Wednesday implementing more than a dozen collective agreements since July has added to the backlog of cases payroll advisers are dealing with.

PSAC blames Phoenix for Ottawa's missed collective agreement deadline

The Public Service Alliance of Canada is filing a complaint against the government for missing a collective agreement deadline, likely because of ongoing issues with the Phoenix pay system.

Senate looks to dump failing Phoenix payroll system

The Senate of Canada is going rogue by ditching the federal government's troubled Phoenix payroll system and building its own technology to make sure its employees get paid properly.

Phoenix problems prevent students from accessing inheritance

In May 2016, Éliane and Léandre Fortin learned their father had terminal cancer. Phoenix pay system problems kept them from accessing his inheritance until they went public with their story, 18 months after his death.
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Chaos inside the Phoenix pay centres — Is anyone's pay right?

Workers inside pay offices across the country say the litany of problems with Phoenix software — which require the use of Excel spreadsheets or, in some cases, pen and paper to figure out the math — is weakening the integrity of the entire federal payroll system.

Government petitions call for end to Phoenix pay system, call centres

The problematic Phoenix pay system is being targeted in two official House of Commons petitions that call for a change in how problems are managed or a change of systems altogether.

Phoenix payroll system doomed from the start: report

A new report published Thursday says a lack of proper definition, oversight and accountability plagued the government's failed Phoenix payroll system from the start.

Phoenix creators helped build failed pay system's business case

Two companies that were awarded tens of millions of dollars to help create and maintain the new federal pay system played a part in recommending the Phoenix project in the first place, CBC News has learned.
Phoenix Falling

Phoenix business case doomed from start, experts say

Experts who have analyzed the original business plan that led to the adoption of the federal government's Phoenix pay system say it lacked proper risk analysis and was politically motivated, but say it also contains lessons that the current bureaucracy could learn from.

Western student forced to drop courses over Phoenix pay fiasco

A Western University student who worked an eight month federal government co-op says the ongoing fiasco with the Phoenix pay system has forced him to live in poverty, borrow money just to get by and drop courses because he can't afford tuition.
CBC Investigates

Phoenix payroll system under budget? Sounds like creative accounting to expert

The implementation costs of a payroll system that was delayed and has never worked properly actually came in under budget at a cost of $307 million, the federal government says.

IBM contract cost for failure-plagued Phoenix payroll system jumped to total $185M

The massive 1,700-page contract between the federal government and IBM to implement the troubled Phoenix federal pay system provides new insight into the fiasco, showing dozens of amendments to the deal and costs that jumped by tens of millions of dollars at a time.

Union calls for more federal IT workers to fix Phoenix

As Phoenix pay problems drag on, the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada is calling on the federal government to double the number of information technology experts tasked with repairing the failing payroll system.

Phoenix payroll fiasco affecting 3 in 10 federal student workers

Nearly 30 per cent of students working for the federal government are experiencing trouble with their pay, according to documents obtained by Radio-Canada.

Phoenix problems worsen in wake of labour deals, MP says

The parliamentary secretary to the minister in charge of the troubled Phoenix pay system is blaming recently ratified labour agreements for a glut of fresh cases that's further straining efforts to fix a problem that appears to be growing by the day.

Nearly half of public servants paid by Phoenix have reported problems

Nearly one in every two federal public servants paid through the problem-plagued Phoenix system has opened a file seeking redress for a pay issue, CBC News has learned.

Government not issuing PS pension statements due to Phoenix problems

The federal government will not be sending out annual pension statements to thousands of public servants due to the ongoing problems plaguing the Phoenix payroll system.

Hundreds of thousands of Phoenix cases still outstanding

As hundreds of thousands of Phoenix-related cases sit waiting to be resolved, the federal government is struggling to clear the backlog as new cases keep flooding in.

Ottawa rejecting many expense claims from public servants with Phoenix payroll problems

Federal government officials promised they would reimburse public servants for out-of-pocket expenses directly caused by Phoenix payroll woes, but the government is denying much of what's being claimed by employees, documents show.

Federal scientists latest group burned by Phoenix pay problems

About 1,700 federal government chemists and biologists are the latest public servants to discover pay stubs riddled with errors thanks to the problematic Phoenix pay system.
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Homeowner begs for leniency after BMO threatens foreclosure following Phoenix pay problems

A federal government employee says she spent three months fearing she would lose her home after missing a $750 payment as a result of the troubled Phoenix pay system.

Summer hires, new contracts stall Phoenix fix

Problems with the Phoenix pay system for Canadian government employees were "stabilized" in March and April, but new collective agreements coupled with the recent surge of summer hires have stalled the repair job, according to an update from Ottawa.

Department running troubled Phoenix pay system vows 'tighter control' of sensitive information

The government department overseeing the troubled public servant pay system is vowing to better protect confidential information, in the wake of a leak. CBC News obtained a legal risk assessment outlining concerns about merging an aspect of the public servant pay and pension programs.

Students affected by Phoenix issues speak out about money owed

A pair of frustrated students are speaking out about the fact they still haven't been paid for work they did with the federal government due to delays caused by the Phoenix pay system.

Phoenix update: Parental leave claims under control, disability claims not so much

The federal department in charge of the troubled Phoenix pay system says parental leave pay requests are now being handled at the normal rate, but that disability pay requests continue to be managed too slowly.

The Phoenix generation

One public servant's story of her "maternity leave from hell" has prompted a deluge of calls from other frustrated employees who are dealing with their own parental leave nightmares.

Federal public service unions want $75M Phoenix fund in federal budget

Several unions representing federal public servants want a $75-million fund in the upcoming federal budget as they mark the one-year anniversary of the rollout of the problem-plagued Phoenix pay system.
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Public servant in Phoenix mess devastated over $65K tax slip error

A Canadian public servant on maternity leave says her tax slip is incorrect by $65,000 because of the problem-plagued Phoenix pay system, and she doesn't understand how the government could "mess up so significantly."

50,000 public servant tax slips reissued so far due to Phoenix pay problems

Officials with the department overseeing the Phoenix payroll system say about 50,000 tax slips have had to be reissued so far, and more than 2,000 public servants have called the pay centre with tax-related questions.

Phoenix implementation a 'big steaming pile' left for us, Trudeau says

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his Liberal government was left a "big steaming pile" by the Conservatives after an Iqaluit scientist confronted him about problems with parental leave benefits in the Phoenix pay system.

Parental, disability leave Phoenix issues should be fixed this spring, federal government promises

The federal government will catch up on Phoenix pay system problems related to parental and disability leave by this spring, says the minister overseeing the service for Canada's public servants.

Ottawa struggles to recoup $70M paid in error due to Phoenix issues

The federal government has overpaid close to $70 million in total to thousands of past and current employees as of December, and has only reached repayment agreements for about a third of the money, according to internal documents obtained by CBC/Radio-Canada.

Phoenix fix shifts focus to new cases as backlog shrinks

Government workers are still trying to clear a backlog of 7,000 cases of civil servants having problems getting paid under the Phoenix system, but the focus is beginning to shift to resolving more recent pay problems more quickly, the government says.

PIPSC wants temporary parallel pay system until 'Phoenix fiasco' is fixed

The head of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada wants the federal government to set up a temporary parallel pay system until Phoenix is fixed, and to give more employees access to emergency salary advances.

Phoenix backlog at 8,000 as response times continue to lag

The federal government is struggling to clear a backlog of 8,000 cases of civil servants experiencing problems with their pay under the troubled Phoenix system, and is failing to meet standard response times for new requests.

First overpaid, now underpaid, new mom fights pay problems from hospital

If Sebastienne Critchley wasn't in the neonatal intensive care unit this December watching over her son, she was likely on the phone with the Phoenix pay centre, trying to figure out when her long list of pay problems would be remedied.

Tax headaches expected from payroll fiasco

With the new year on the way, many federal public servants who are still caught in the midst of the Phoenix payroll fiasco are worried and confused about filing their taxes.

Unions put lawsuit against federal government over Phoenix fiasco on hold

The Public Service Alliance of Canada and another dozen unions agreed to put their lawsuit against the federal government over the Phoenix payroll fiasco on hold in exchange for more "information sharing and communication" from the government, according to a consent order approved by Federal Court on Dec. 22.

100,000 workers contacted federal government about pay since July

Nearly 100,000 public servants have contacted the federal government over the past six months with questions about their pay in the wake of the troubled Phoenix system, CBC News has learned.

10,000 cases remain in Phoenix pay problem backlog, cost could rise above $50M

About 10,000 cases of current and former public servants having problems getting paid properly remain in the federal government's backlog, and the overall price tag for fixing Phoenix pay system this year could rise above $50 million.