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Flooded house demolished in Constance Bay to make way for new home

After months of flooding, mould and structural damage, Kara Lee Shaw Plourde's Constance Bay home is being demolished to make way for a new house.

Cumberland homeowners seeking flood relief feeling ignored by province

A pair of homeowners whose homes were flooded in the spring are speaking out against the province, saying the government has been ignoring their calls for help with their applications for relief funds.

Flood-damaged NCC paths closed until 2018

Some busy National Capital Commission paths are closed for the rest of 2017 because of damage from this spring's flooding.

Some Gatineau homeowners in flood zone will not be allowed to rebuild

The City of Gatineau has taken steps to help streamline the rebuilding process for homeowners affected by spring flooding.

'Shock treatment,' tests needed for wells contaminated by floodwater

Residents are finding out whether their well water has been contaminated after this spring's flooding, sending an unprecedented number of samples to Ottawa Public Health.

Businesses brace for long slog against high water on St. Lawrence River

Water levels are reaching historic highs on the St. Lawrence River, causing damage to local businesses and delaying the tourist season.

State of emergency in Frontenac Islands due to flooding

The Township of Frontenac Islands is making sandbags available to residents after declaring a state of emergency Tuesday due to rising floodwaters.

City to begin collecting sandbags, hazardous waste from flooded Ottawa homes

As water levels on the Ottawa River continue to recede, the City of Ottawa will begin clearing away sandbags this week from areas that no longer need them.

Ottawa River levels continue to lower across Gatineau

Sinking floodwaters are letting the City of Gatineau focus on taking away sandbags, garbage and previously-submerged vehicles from flooded areas.

Experts urge caution before rebuilding on floodplain

As property owners living near the Ottawa River assess the flood damage to their homes and cottages, some experts are urging them to think twice before rebuilding in the same spot.

Ferry from Cumberland to Masson-Angers reopens as flood retreats in east Ottawa

The ferry connecting eastern Ottawa to west Quebec reopened Saturday as Cumberland residents tried to return to normal following the recent flooding.

City urges boaters to stay off the Ottawa River

The City of Ottawa is asking boaters to stay off the water to prevent waves from breaching sandbags surrounding flooded properties along the Ottawa River.

Flood victims, river manager at odds over water warnings

Flooded residents say river authorities didn't do enough to prepare them before waters started rising, but the regulator that manages the river says it warned of rising levels and potential flooding weeks ago.

Gatineau residents survey damage in flood-ravaged neighbourhood

Gaston and Fern Ethier took a boat Wednesday to go home to Blais Street to survey the damage to their basement. They count themselves among the lucky ones.

Gatineau looking for volunteers to clean up sandbags on flooded streets

With water levels receding, the City of Gatineau is working to try and figure out what to do with all of the sand bags that were used to hold back the rivers and is expected to call for volunteers for help.

City of Ottawa warns flood victims of contamination risk

The City of Ottawa has advised residents affected by flooding to throw out many household items that have come into contact with flood water.

Flooded Ottawa residents call on city to step up aid

Residents along the flooded Ottawa River shoreline went to city-run public meetings Tuesday asking many of the same questions: how can we stop this from happening again and why didn't help come sooner?

Residents displaced by floods need to be patient, Gatineau mayor urges

Gatineau Mayor Maxime Pednaud-Jobin and Gov. Gen. David Johnston toured flooded areas of Gatineau Tuesday with the Canadian Armed Forces.

Residents in flood zone should get well water tested, health officials advise

Residents who get their water from wells in areas affected by flooding should get their water tested before drinking it, and should check well pumps for damage, Ottawa Public Health is recommending.

Ottawa River peaks, but could take weeks to return to normal

The historically high water levels along the Ottawa River appear to have peaked Monday — but it may be weeks before those levels return to seasonal norms.

Where to go for help during the flood

As flooding continues to seriously affect communities throughout eastern Ontario and west Quebec, here's where affected residents can go for help.

Ineligible for disaster relief, flooded Ontario cottage owners feeling left out

Many cottage owners whose properties have been damaged by the flooding in eastern Ontario are angry they don't qualify for provincial disaster relief funding.

When will the water subside? Exhausted residents watch, worry over river levels

The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board reported Monday afternoon that peak flood levels have now been reached for Ottawa and Gatineau and most of the surrounding region — from Mattawa, Ont., east to Hawkesbury, Ont.

Ottawa-Gatineau flooding: How you can help

Looking to lend a hand to residents in need in Ottawa, Gatineau or Clarence-Rockland? Here's the latest information.

Flooding questions? City of Ottawa hosts public meetings today and Wednesday

The City of Ottawa will be hosting public information sessions today for people with questions about about insurance and other flood-related concerns.