The search for Shannon Alexander and Maisy Odjick

It's been nearly nine years since two Indigenous teens went missing from Maniwaki, Que., just outside Kitigan Zibi First nation. Here's a look back at the case, so far.

A look back at the disappearance of two Indigenous teenagers

Laurie Odjick holds a sign with a photo of her missing daughter, Maisy, who was last seen in 2008 at age 16. Shannon Alexander (right) went missing the same night. (Fred Chartrand/Canadian Press)

It's been nearly nine years since two Indigenous teenagers disappeared from Maniwaki, Que., just outside Kitigan Zibi First Nation.

Here's a look back at the major developments in the case, so far.

The disappearance - September 2008

  • Maisy Odjick, 16, and Shannon Alexander, 17, are last seen in Maniwaki, Que. on Sept. 6, 2008, before heading out for a night of dancing.
  • Police publicize their disappearance when the girls do not return to Alexander's home — and her father finds their belongings there the next day. 
  • Later that month, volunteers comb the riverbanks of the Kitigan Zibi First Nation. 
Every year, family and friends of Maisy Odjick and Shannon Alexander hold a march and vigil on the anniversary of the teens' disappearance. (CBC News)

Investigation criticized - April 2009

Maisy Odjick's mother, Laurie Odjick, has criticized the response of police, saying officers believe the girls ran away. (Ashley Burke/CBC)
  • Maisy Odjick's mother, Laurie Odjick, criticizes police efforts to find the missing girls.
  • She says family members are the ones organizing search parties, because police have always thought the girls ran away.

One year later

5 years ago
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The families of Maisy Odjick and Shannon Alexander search for answers.

One year later - September 2009

  • One year after the Quebec girls vanish, the families say they're heartbroken
    Police provide an update on the case one year after the disappearance. (CBC)
  • Maisy Odjick's clothes, her flute, her camera and treasured photos are still where she left them at the home of her grandparents.
  • Investigators say the search is focused in Ontario because a number of possible sightings were reported to Ontario Provincial Police.
  • A poster created by the families of Maisy Odjick and Shannon Alexander. (Supplied by family)

    Community raises funds for reward - June 2011

    • Members of the girls' Algonquin community host a run to raise awareness about the ongoing case.
    • The run, which becomes an annual event, raises funds for a reward for information about the disappearance.

    Five years later - September 2013

    Family members of the missing teens say the vigil on the day of the anniversary is extremely emotional as "it feels to us as if it's happening all over again." (CBC News)
    • The families mark the five year anniversary of the girls' disappearance with a march and vigil, held annually in Kitigan Zibi First Nation.
    • Laurie Odjick says, while she continues to receive calls from investigators, there are no new leads.

    Community marks grim anniversary

    9 years ago
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    Two aboriginal teens disappeared five years ago, and their families and communities are still looking for answers.

    New sketches released - December 2015

    • Seven years after their disappearance, Quebec provincial police renew an appeal for information about Odjick and Alexander.
    • Investigators release updated sketches of what the young women might look like at age 24. 
    Police released this sketch of Shannon Alexander seven years after her disappearance to show what she might look like as an adult. (Sûreté du Québec )
    Seven years after she disappeared, Quebec provincial police released this sketch of what Maisy Odjick may look like at age 24. (Sûreté du Québec)

    Tip prompts new search - July 2017

    Police searched for evidence related to the 2008 disappearance of Maisy Odick and Shannon Alexander in Kitigan Zibi on Wednesday. (Ashley Burke/CBC)