Man charged in death of Thérèse Gauvreau ordered to psychiatric hospital

A 21-year-old man has been found not criminally responsible in the death of an elderly Gatineau woman in January.

Jean-François Dupuis, 21, ruled not criminally responsible in January 2017 killing

Thérèse Gauvreau, 83, was found dead at a home on boulevard de la Cité-des-jeunes in Gatineau on Jan. 18, 2017. (Facebook)

A 21-year-old man has been found not criminally responsible in the death of an elderly Gatineau woman in January. 

Justice Catherine Mandeville ordered Jean-François Dupuis to be housed in the Institut Philippe-Pinel, a forensic psychiatric hospital in Montreal. 

Police found the body of 83-year-old Thérèse Gauvreau inside her home on boulevard de la Cité-des-jeunes in the city's Hull sector on Jan. 18. 

Dupuis was arrested and charged with second-degree murder in Gauvreau's death.

He was ordered to undergo a five-day psychiatric assessment and was determined mentally fit to stand trial.

Jean-François Dupuis was found not criminally responsible Friday in the death of Thérèse Gauvreau. (Sketch by Laurie Foster-MacLeod)

An accused can be declared not criminally responsible for an offence if they suffer from a mental disorder which prevented them from "appreciating the nature and quality of [their] acts," according to the Tribunal administratif du Québec, which conducts reviews of such cases.

Ambulance delayed

Gauvreau belonged to a family well-known in the Outaouais as owners of a topsoil company, and worked at the Pierre-Janet psychiatric hospital in Gatineau for decades, according to her daughter, Lizette Gauvreau.

Gatineau police were criticized after her death for taking too long to respond to a 911 call. 

According to a report into the police response, the agent who took the call made an error when coding it. The call wasn't listed as a priority, which delayed the police response by 31 minutes.

Gauvreau was dead by the time emergency crews arrived.

In the summer, the City of Gatineau awarded the family of Thérèse Gauvreau $115,000 after police admitted they had made a mistake in handling the call.