The Gatineau daycare shooting

The latest stories following the shooting at a Gatineau daycare that left two men dead and sent staff and children at the school fleeing to a neighbour's home.

A daycare in downtown Gatineau was the site of a shooting on Friday, April 5 that left two men dead.

Robert Charron, 49, the husband of the director of the daycare, walked into 225 Gamelin St. and shot and killed Neil Galliou, 38, a daycare worker visiting from France, according to Gatineau police.

Charron then went next door to 229 Gamelin, warned daycare workers to get the children out and went to the office. Staff fled to a neighbour's home with the daycare's 53 children.

He spread a flammable substance, including on the director, before unsuccessfully trying to start a fire.

She fled and shortly afterward, Charron's body was found with a registered shotgun by his side.

Here are the latest stories from this tragic event:

Mon., April 8

Gatineau police say the daycare worker killed in Friday’s double shooting was poised to return to his native France to share what he learned about childcare.

Sun., April 7

Parents and staff at a Gatineau, Que., daycare where two men were fatally shot Friday will meet Monday to discuss how to tell the children that an employee has died.

Sat., April 6

One of the men found dead at a Gatineau, Que., daycare on Friday was shot in the daycare's nursery, where five toddlers were present, multiple police sources told Radio-Canada.

Fri., April 5

A man who entered a Gatineau, Que. daycare centre, shooting an empoylee to death before turning the gun on himself, was in the midst of a marriage breakup.