Teen shot at Maniwaki courthouse charged

​The 18-year-old who was seriously injured when he was shot by a special constable during an altercation at the courthouse in Maniwaki, Que., is now facing four charges.

18-year-old appeared in Gatineau court by video link Wednesday

Quebec's police watchdog is investigating a shooting at the courthouse in Maniwaki, Que., in which an 18-year-old man was seriously injured. The video has been blurred by CBC News. 2:06

​The 18-year-old who was seriously injured when he was shot by a special constable during an altercation at the courthouse in Maniwaki, Que., is now facing four charges. 

The teenager has been charged with assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, attempting to take a peace officer's weapon and resisting the officer, Radio-Canada reported Wednesday.

The teenager appeared in a Gatineau court by video link Wednesday, according to Radio-Canada. His file will be handed over to Maniwaki authorities on May 24, when he'll appear in court in person. 

Incident caught on video

According to a Quebec's police watchdog, the Bureau des Enquêtes Indépendantes, on Jan. 31, the teenager seized a baton from the constable during the brawl at a Maniwaki courthouse and hit him with it. The special constable then fired his gun, striking the young  man in the head.

A video posted by a witness to the incident appears to show the scuffle between the constable and the 18-year-old prior to the shot being fired.

An 18-year-old man who was seriously injured after being shot in a Maniwaki courthouse is facing four charges. (Supplied by teen's family)

In the video, people in the room can be heard saying, "Put down your gun." Others can be heard appealing in both English and French for calm.

The teenager's mother told Radio-Canada she finds the charges against her son insulting compared to the actions of the special constable. 

The woman cannot be identified in order to protect the identity of her son, who was at the courthouse to be sentenced on a charge under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

He had just received a six-month sentence and was waiting to be transferred to jail when the altercation occurred. 

She said the teenager is still suffering from his injury and is dealing with memory loss, some paralysis, headaches and partial deafness. 

She said they're in contact with a Montreal lawyer and are seriously considering suing the constable.