Teaching cow found south of Ottawa

An Ottawa-area farm is thankful after someone found their prized fibreglass cow, which is an interactive teaching tool, four days after it was stolen from fairgrounds southeast of Ottawa.

Educational, interactive 'Daisy the Cow' found at main intersection in Russell, Ont.

Missing cow

CBC News: Ottawa at 6:00

9 years ago
Cow that serves as instructional tool stolen from Ottawa-area farm. 2:11

A prized fibreglass educational cow is back in the hands of its owners about four days after she was taken from fairgrounds south of Ottawa.

Tilecroft Farms, which owns "Daisy the Cow," says she was taken from the Russell Fairgrounds, about 35 kilometres southeast of Ottawa, sometime last Thursday overnight.

Daisy is an interactive cow measuring four feet by six feet and weighing 120 pounds. It is used with Tilecroft's "Travelling Farmer" business. and the bovine, which was handcrafted by a man who worked with The Muppets creator Jim Henson, is the most popular exhibit.

Owner Jeff Robinson said the cow was found "on a main intersection clearly visible for all to see."

He and his wife drove to pick it up immediately and they found it in one piece.

"The cow was well taken care of, as there seems to be no damage," Robinson said.

"We were offering a $500 reward ... and the young man would not take it."

The farm will now put that money towards purchasing cattle that are purchased and processed into hamburger for the Ottawa Food Bank.

The exhibit has been hauled to fairs across the Ottawa valley for the past two years and used to teach children about dairy farming.

Robinson was resigned to considering the possibility of purchasing another teaching tool, which would cost him $7,500.