Syrian refugees: How can I help in Ottawa?

As Canada ramps up to receive thousands of refugees affected by the conflict in Syria, many people are stuck wondering, how can I help? Here's a list for the Ottawa area.

Many places in Ottawa are accepting furniture, clothing and even volunteers

Two young Syrian refugee girls smile for the camera in the Zaatari Refugee Camp, near the city of Mafraq, Jordan, on Sunday, Nov. 29, 2015. (Paul Chiasson/Canadian Press)

As Canada ramps up to receive thousands of refugees affected by the conflict in Syria, many people are wondering, how can I help? 

Here is a list of groups in Ottawa helping to resettle Syrian and other refugee groups.

1. Furniture/Household items

These places are accepting furniture:

Mathew House Refugee Services Furniture Bank

340 Legget Dr. Door 53.  Phone: 613-240-6680

Saint Vincent de Paul Central Store (also accepting household items)

1273 Wellington St. Phone: 613-722-7166

Carty House

P.O. Box 4758 STN E Phone:  613-236-8855

Helping with Furniture

5350 Canotek Rd. Unit 9 Phone: 613-612-6228

2. Clothes

The city has released an interactive map of drop-off points to prevent well-intentioned clothing donations from going to fraudulent, for-profit groups.

Other places accepting clothing include:

Salvation Army

Find the closest location to you here.

Snowsuit Fund of Ottawa

225 Donald St #134  Phone: 613-746-8719

Carty House

P.O. Box 4758 STN E  Phone: 613-236-8855

Saint Vincent de Paul Central Store

1273 Wellington Street  Phone: 613-722-7166

3. Money

United for Refugees, which is the main umbrella group for refugee help in the city, is focused on raising money to sponsor and settle people affected by the Syrian crises in Ottawa.

Donation information is available on their website.

It's working with the city of Ottawa, the United Way, Refugee 613, and the Community Foundation.

The Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO) also accepts bus tickets and grocery cards to be passed along to refugee families living in the community. Contact Agnes Wedrychowicz at  613-725-5671 Ext. 398.

4. Time

If you are willing to donate time, there are a handful of charities accepting volunteers. 

5. Space/housing

Refugee 613 is working on an online housing referral service. It's expected to launch early January.

Until then, people who have housing to offer can email the group at Include details of the offer in the body of the email.


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