Number of City of Ottawa employees on Sunshine List jumps again

The number of municipal public servants earning more than $100,000 now sits at 2,912, according to the province's annual salary disclosure list.

Retired city manager Kent Kirkpatrick topped list of top earners in 2015

The number of City of Ottawa employees who earn more than $100,000 jumped by 665 employees to more than 2,900 in 2015. (Michel Aspirot/CBC)

The chief of staff at The Ottawa Hospital was the highest-paid provincial public servant in Ottawa last year.

Dr. Jeffrey Turnbull, medical chief of staff, earned $645,999.60 in 2015 — a $25,000 increase over his 2014 salary, according to the Sunshine List that discloses the names and salaries of provincial public servants who earned more than $100,000.

The hospital's president, Dr. Jack Kitts, made $630,485, and is one of 537 hospital employees who made the list.

Other top earners in the city included the heads of post-secondary schools.

Dr Jacques Bradwejn,the dean of the University of Ottawa's Brain and Mind Research Institute made $422,780.52, while president Allan Rock earned $394,999.92. Carleton University president Roseann Runte made $358,468.16 and Algonquin College president Cheryl Jensen earned $321.165.74.

1,487 University of Ottawa employees made the Sunshine List, while at Carleton, 779 people earned more than $100,000.

Also included on the Sunshine List for 2015 are 471 employees with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board 

At the City of Ottawa, the number of employees who earn more than $100,000 jumped by 665 employees to more than 2,900 in 2015.

And topping the list once again was city manager Kent Kirkpatrick with a salary of $355,346.44 in 2015 — an increase of more than $14,000 from 2014. Kirkpatrick retired earlier this year.

Included in the total of 2,912 employees on the list are 1,012 people working for the Ottawa Police Service, a decrease of 67 over the previous year.

However the number of firefighters on the list jumped to 709 from 449. 

According to a city memo, "60 per cent of first responders on the list (including police services employees) have a base salary of less than $100,000 and are on the list as a result of additional payments," including a retroactive pay raise due to arbitrated settlements. 

The memo also states that half of city employees on the list (excluding Ottawa Police Services and Ottawa Public Library employees) have a base salary less than $100,000 but are included because of one-time cash payments for things like overtime, on-call pay or vacation cash-outs

Provincial public sector salaries over $100,000 have been released each year since the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act was passed in 1996 by Mike Harris's PC government. However, the threshold for salary disclosure hasn't changed in the last 20 years despite rising wages. 

Had it kept pace with inflation, the threshold for making the list today would be a salary of $142,338.25 (based on the consumer price index up to 2015).

City of Ottawa's top earners in 2015 (salaries only)

  • Kent Kirkpatrick, city manager (now retired): $355,346.44
  • Dr. Isra Levy, medical officer of health: $318,136.89
  • Charles Bordeleau, chief of police: $283,040.37
  • John Manconi, general manager of OC Transpo: $248,266.58
  • John Moser, acting deputy city manager: $245,012.71

Top hospital earners in 2015 (salaries only)

  • Dr. Jeffrey Turnbull, medical chief of staff for The Ottawa Hospital: $645,999.60
  • Dr. Jack Kitts, president of The Ottawa Hospital: $630,485.00
  • Duncan Stewart, vice-president of The Ottawa Hospital: $522,501.80
  • James Worthington, vice-president of The Ottawa Hospital: $400,593.00
  • Cameron Love, vice-president of The Ottawa Hospital: $381,499.00

Top education earners in 2015 (salaries only)

  • Jacques Bradwejn, dean at University of Ottawa: $422,780.52
  • Allan Rock, president of University of Ottawa: $394,999.92
  • Roseann Runte, president of Carleton University: $358,468.16 
  • Cheryl Jensen, president of Algonquin College: $321.165.74
  • Rama Nair, vice-dean of University of Ottawa: $318,028.64