Stolen Beer Store sign in Almonte was set for charity auction

The Beer Store says a sign stolen from its location in Almonte, Ont., was going to be auctioned for leukemia research.

Sign was to be auctioned for leukemia research as part of province-wide bottle drive, store says

This sign from the The Beer Store location in Almonte, Ont., was stolen before it was going to be auctioned off for charity. (Facebook)

Owners of The Beer Store in Almonte, Ont., say their classic orange sign was going to be auctioned off for charity, but it was stolen.

On Tuesday, Shaun Wasylnuk posted two photos on Facebook showing one face of the sign, which was taken from behind the store located at 113 High St. in the town about 50 kilometres southwest of Ottawa.

The new sign at The Beer Store in Almonte, Ont., was going to be posted anyway, but the store wants the money for charity. (Stu Mills/CBC)
In the post, he urged the thieves to pay $500 for the sign and the money would go to leukemia research. The post also said if the money was not handed over by Thursday, the police would get involved.

The Beer Store holds an event in Ontario each year called "The Returns For Leukemia Bottle Drive" and the Almonte location is often among the top fundraisers, according to Geoff Mayotte, district manager for The Beer Store.

He said the store wants the money to help fund that drive, and the culprits could return to the store discreetly and the police won't be involved.

"We'll handle it in-house and it's probably a good person that made a bad judgment, you know what I mean. That's what I'm hoping," Mayotte said.

The store has since put up a new sign but still wants the money or the old sign back, Mayotte added.


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