Starfleet Academy exhibit at Aviation and Space Museum

The Star Trek-themed exhibit at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum isn't open to the public until Friday, but CBC Radio's All in a Day got a sneak peek Wednesday.

Exhibit on display in Ottawa from May 13 to Sept. 5

A look at the new Star Trek exhibit


5 years ago
A sneak peek of what's on display at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum starting Friday. 0:40

A Star Trek-themed exhibit is on display at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum starting Friday, but Alan Neal, host of CBC Radio's All in a Day, got a sneak peek Wednesday. He even got beamed up.

The exhibit gives visitors a chance to test their potential for careers as Starfleet medical officers, scientists, communications specialists and commanders.

But in addition to all the Trekkie fiction there are some facts to be had along the journey. Participants will learn about emerging technologies such as functional tricorders, NASA's warp drive theory, and the latest experiments with phasers and teleporters.

And you can turn your human face into an alien face!

There were a few kinks that needed to be worked out Wednesday: Neal's wristband took a few tries to work and the Klingon 101 display wasn't working, but perhaps the most troubling transgression was an "out of order" sign written in English and French, but with no Klingon translation. (What an oversight.)

Ottawa is the first North American stop for the exhibit.

It will be on display at the museum until Sept. 5.

The work of Michael Okuda, the graphic designer responsible for Star Trek's bridge computers, is featured in the exhibit. (Alan Neal/CBC)
The Klingons on display get to wear boots from Aldo. (Alan Neal/CBC)
A practically unimaginable number of selfies are about to be taken in these seats on the bridge. (Alan Neal/CBC)
Good swagger, Neal! It's important to radiate confidence in the hot seat. (Alan Neal/CBC)
Alan Neal couldn't resist another selfie on the bridge. (Alan Neal/CBC)