Squirrel, woodpecker airborne fight captured in photos

A photographer from Cornwall, Ont., says he's delighted with the perfectly timed shots he took of a red squirrel doing battle with a pileated woodpecker earlier this month, and we're pretty certain you'll be equally impressed.

'I've had some very good luck over the years ... but this is probably the prize,' Cornwall photographer says

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      A photographer from Cornwall, Ont., says he's delighted with his images of a squirrel doing battle with a woodpecker earlier this month.

      It all began when a red squirrel wandered onto a tree inhabited by a pair of pileated woodpeckers.

      One of the woodpeckers flew up to the curious squirrel and dislodged it from the tree, sending the squirrel crashing down onto another woodpecker just below.

      "It had the ride of its life, even though it only lasted probably two seconds, and the shot captured its very expressive cry," said photographer Brian Morin on CBC Radio's In Town and Out on Saturday.

      The squirrel hit the ground and scampered away while the woodpecker managed to fly off.

      "I knew I'd caught something there ... but I didn't really know exactly what I'd captured until I put the whole thing up on a monitor. And then it was, 'Oh my gosh, I can't believe I got this,'" Morin said.

      "I've had some very good luck over the years ... but I must say, this is probably the prize. So, I was very pleased."

      On mobile? Tap here to listen to photographer Brian Morin tell the story.

      (Note: Perhaps this story reminds you of the incredible photo of a weasel riding a woodpecker that went viral earlier this spring. If so, here's that story for you.)


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