Ottawa roofer wrongly tied to notorious con man 'Slippery Phil' Slobodzian

The owner of Ottawa-based Dynamic Roofing says he's fielding angry calls from customers, subcontractors and suppliers looking for convicted con man Philip Slobodzian, who has operated under similar company names.

'Cease and desist, buddy. I'm tired of it,' Dynamic Roofing owner tells Philip Slobodzian

Miles Prescott has operated his Ottawa business, Dynamic Roofing, for 20 years. About three years ago he began getting angry phone calls for contractor Philip Slobodzian, who has operated under similar company names. (Simon Gardner/CBC)

Miles Prescott has a straightforward request for crooked contractor Philip Slobodzian.

"Cease and desist, buddy. I'm tired of it. Run your operation like a normal human being."

Prescott, owner of Dynamic Roofing, has been operating in Ottawa for two decades. He said it was business as usual until about three years ago.

That's when he started getting calls from government agencies, tool rental shops, tradespeople — and angry homeowners.

The callers were looking for Slobodzian, a man who's gained notoriety in the Ottawa area for ripping off clients and suppliers. The 45-year-old, who has earned the nickname Slippery Phil, has been repeatedly charged, convicted, fined and jailed for scamming unsuspecting homeowners who hire him for roofing and other construction jobs.

Slobodzian has operated under a variety of business monikers including PSC New Home Construction, Dynamic Roofing Enclosures, Dynamic Roofing Specialists and Dynamic Homes.

That's created problems for Prescott, who said his company, Dynamic Roofing, is a registered sole proprietorship that's been building a reputation for honest, high-quality work for 20 years.

Unfortunately for Prescott, people wrongly assume he's working with Slobodzian, or is somehow connected to the convicted fraud artist.

Callers ripping mad

Many of the callers are ripping mad. Prescott recalls answering one call from a man who said he gave Slobodzian thousands of dollars in advance for a roofing job. Slobodzian, the man claimed, then disappeared.
Philip Slobodzian has operated under several business names, including Dynamic Roofing Enclosures, Dynamic Roofing Specialists and Dynamic Homes. (Supplied photo)

"He was telling me his wife had cancer and was actually dying. That was a year ago, she's probably gone by now. And Phil knew about it. Didn't matter to him at all. No mercy."

Prescott said some callers have told him Slobodzian pretended to know him. In fact, Prescott said, he's never met the man.

Prescott said he's also concerned for his safety. He's had equipment stolen from his house, and he suspects irate tradespeople who have not been paid by Slobodzian.

"Someone is going to burn my house down," Prescott said. "It just adds a lot more stress than I need in my life."

Calls to Slobodzian from CBC were not answered. His lawyer, Aaron Heard, said his client is aware that CBC wants to speak with him, but Heard said he's received no instructions from Slobodzian to supply a comment for this story.