Local ski hills getting ready for winter run

Itching to hit the slopes? The cold weather today might have local ski hills opening sooner than you think.

Mont Tremblant scheduled to open Nov. 23, Nakkertok to open loop this weekend

Ski hills in the Ottawa region took advantage of the cold weather on Friday to turn on their snowmaking machines.

In the Outaouais both Mont Cascades and Camp Fortune were busy making some fresh flakes.

Sommet Saint-Sauveur, a Quebec ski hill two hours east of Ottawa, plans to open this weekend.

Mont Tremblant also appears to be in good shape to open up in less than two weeks, on Nov. 23.

If cross-country is more your thing, Nakkertok says it will have its 'Nakkertrak' early ski loop in Cantley, Que., ready for race club members this weekend, and will welcome more members by next weekend.