A sneak peek at the Canada Science and Technology Museum's $80 M rebuild

Media got an inside look at the ongoing work to rebuild the Canada Science and Technology Museum after a leaky roof and mould problems forced it to close two years ago.

CEO says work to reopen east Ottawa museum is on budget and on track for mid-November 2017

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      The Crazy Kitchen site is still less-than-looney and the giant locomotives are still under wraps (literally), but the rebuilt Canada Science and Technology Museum is starting to take shape off St. Laurent Boulevard.

      On Friday morning members of the media were invited to the construction site to see how the $80.5 million in federal money is being used to strip away the aging former bakery forced to close in 2014 because of mould problems and build a new museum.

      "We're not sure anyone's ever done something this quick," said Alex Benay, CEO of the museum corporation.

      "We had to tear down all the walls… you could literally see right through the museum on beams and posts, that's all that was left. Then [to] redesign 80,000 square feet of exhibition space in two years, from scratch, has not really been done in this country before."

      Benay said the project is on budget and on time, with the structural work expected to be done by April then interior set-up done by mid-November.

      That's when the museum is set to reopen with a week of activities to mark its 50th anniversary.