School sign mistakenly honours Wilson Phillips singer

A new sign for Cairine Wilson Secondary School in Orleans, Ontario had to be fixed not long after it was installed because of a spelling mistake.

"Carnie Wilson Secondary School" sign fixed Saturday

A man fixed the new sign for Cairine Wilson Secondary School in Orleans on Saturday. The sign originally read, "Carnie Wilson Secondary School." (CBC)

A new sign for Cairine Wilson Secondary School in Orleans had to be fixed not long after it was installed because of an embarrassing spelling mistake.

This picture, taken Saturday morning, shows the spelling mistake for Cairine Wilson Secondary School's new sign. The mistake was fixed and the graffiti was removed later Saturday. (Ashley Burke/CBC)

The sign, which read "Carnie Wilson Secondary School," was fixed Saturday morning. It did not have to be entirely replaced.

The high school is named after Cairine Wilson, the first woman appointed to Canada's Senate.

Carnie Wilson, a TV personality and daughter of The Beach Boys's Brian Wilson, is the lead singer of pop group Wilson Phillips.

'An honest mistake,' school trustee says

John Shea is the high school's Ottawa Carleton District School Board trustee. He reacted to the spelling mistake on Facebook. (CBC)

A man who fixed the sign Saturday did not agree to an interview on camera, but said the mistake was made by the school board.

"It was obviously an honest mistake made by either the manufacturing company or by facility staff at the board," said John Shea, the school's trustee. "Obviously the school is named after the first female senator, not the lead singer of Wilson Phillips.

"I think people in Orleans are having a pretty good chuckle about it," he said.