Sandy Hill party hosts unapologetic

A group of university students who hosted a large St. Patrick's Day party in the Sandy Hill neighbourhood say it was a success but neighbours are not pleased.

Bylaw officers lay fines on party but hosts hope to have them reduced

Sandy Hill street party

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University students and local residents at odds over St. Patrick's Day party. 2:01

A large and messy St. Patrick's Day house party in Ottawa's Sandy Hill neighbourhood has some residents up in arms.

The corner of Chapel Street and Somerset Street East was the host of a loud party with a DJ and sound system. Hundreds of people showed up partied in the streets and left glass and garbage strewn about when they finally went to sleep.

Police were involved but not to quell violence, just to make sure there were no injuries and to limit the noise.

But neighbours are concerned these parties could soon turn violent.

"It's going to happen. I'll put it on record now there will be an extreme act of violence through mob activity," said Randy Innes, a member of the group Action Sandy Hill.

Parties growing in Sandy Hill

The partying has been a problem, Innes added, since he moved to the neighbourhood 10 years ago and it is getting worse.

Randy Innes says parties like the one Saturday night are happening more often and he fears the growth will breed violence. (CBC)

It is no surprise, though, since Sandy Hill includes the University of Ottawa campus. Many students share the neighbourhood with retirees, families and working professionals.

The CBC's David Gerow spoke with the party hosts, who were not taken aback by the police or complaints.

They were just happy the party was a success.

"It was a zoo, really. The streets were filled," said Gabe Carbone. "Everybody was having a good time. It was under control, there were no fights or anything like that."

Carbone and his roommates continued to clean up Wednesday. There is some fallout from the night, though.

The tenants received fines from Ottawa bylaw officers, which they are looking to have reduced. Their landlord also told them he would not renew their lease for September 1.