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Ryan is an experienced journalist who was the managing editor of Metro Ottawa before coming to CBC. He has reported for over a decade in communities across Canada. Story tips should go to ryan.tumilty@cbc.ca

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Violent crime continues to rise in Ottawa

Violent crime has risen significantly for the second year in a row, according to the Ottawa Police Service's annual report.

Bike lanes could be coming to Albert, Slater streets next summer

The city's latest post-Transitway plans for Albert and Slater streets include segregated bike lanes from Bronson Avenue to Elgin Street that could start going up in mid-2020.

City facing fishy post-flood problem: dozens of wayward carp

As part of the ongoing flood cleanup efforts, some City of Ottawa employees have been handed a particularly fishy assignment.

Auditor sounds sour note over NAC renovation

The National Arts Centre's dramatic renovation has earned lots of applause, but it also garnered at least one bad review — from the office of Canada's auditor general, who's concerned $15 million was allotted to part of the project it was never meant for, without the government's OK.

Water levels still rising on St. Lawrence, Lake Ontario

Water levels on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River have exceeded those seen during the 2017 floods, and continue to rise.

'We are almost begging': Constance Bay pleads for help with flood cleanup

The City of Ottawa is urging the army of volunteers who built sandbag walls to hold back the Ottawa River to now re-enlist and tear those walls down.

Why we flood: Capricious climate complicates river regulation

In 2017, it was the spring rain. This year, it was the record-breaking snowfall and lingering chill. Here's a look at why the Ottawa River keeps bursting its banks.

Contract deal reached with 30K federal public servants

The federal government has reached contract deals with more than 30,000 public servants that includes leave for victims of domestic violence and leeway for its implementation under the troubled Phoenix pay system.

Laurier Avenue has highest number of collisions involving cyclists

Thursday's fatal bike crash occurred just a few pedal strokes away from the Ottawa intersection where more cyclists are struck than any other.

Rising Ottawa River could break 60-year-old record

Water levels continue rising along the Ottawa River, and are now set to peak this weekend — and potentially set a record upstream from the nation's capital.

PSAC moves closer to potential strike

The federal public service's largest union has walked away from the bargaining table, the first step toward a strike that could potentially see 90,000 workers off the job later this year.

Peak forecasts on Ottawa River still rising

Water levels continue to rise across the Ottawa River today and peaks expected for this weekend are creeping higher as well.

More rain pushing Ottawa River levels back up

Heavy rains could give flood-weary homeowners along the Ottawa River an unfortunate sense of déjà vu this weekend, as waters climb again to levels near or above last week’s peaks.

Ottawa River finally peaks in capital region

After weeks of rising waters, the latest forecast indicates the Ottawa River has peaked across much of the capital region.

NCC blocks Carleton's plans for 2nd entrance on Colonel By

The National Capital Commission has turned down a bid by Carleton University to build a new entrance to its campus from Colonel By Drive because the federal agency doesn't want to see more traffic on the scenic route.