Ronnie Hawkins among 45 who receive Order of Canada

Legendary rocker Ronnie Hawkins was among 45 new appointees to the Order of Canada who were officially honoured by Gov. Gen. David Johnston at a ceremony in Ottawa.

Order of Canada ceremony


7 years ago
Gov. Gen. David Johnston invests 45 recipients of the Order of Canada, including Celine Galipeau, Ronnie Hawkins and Deepa Mehta 1:06:26

Legendary rocker Ronnie Hawkins was among 45 new appointees to the Order of Canada who were officially honoured by Gov. Gen. David Johnston at a ceremony in Ottawa.

Hawkins was one of 10 people named as officers of the order, the second-highest grade, while 35 people were introduced as members at a ceremony at Rideau Hall.

Hawkins's appointment is honorary because although he has lived in Canada for five decades, he remains an American citizen. Hawkins was cited for his contributions to the music industry, as well as for his support of charities.

Others who were honoured with the designation of officers of the Order of Canada included Céline Galipeau, a news anchor for Radio-Canada.

Galipeau was cited for her "contributions to Canadian journalism, notably as a foreign correspondent."

Toronto filmmaker Deepa Mehta was also honoured as an officer for her contributions as a groundbreaking screenwriter, director and producer.

Quebec actor and singer Carole Laure is another new officer.

Ottawa Rabbi Reuven Bulka, a regular participant at the national Remembrance Day ceremonies, was among 35 people named new members of the Order of Canada.

They included Clare Drake, who coached University of Alberta hockey teams to a slew of titles.

See the full list of recipients below.

New members of the Order of Canada

  • Baha Abu-Laban, C.M., Edmonton.
  • Ewan Affleck, C.M., Yellowknife.
  • Elizabeth Baird, C.M., Toronto.
  • Walter Boudreau, C.M., C.Q., Montreal.
  • Rabbi Reuven P. Bulka, C.M., Ottawa.
  • Édith Cloutier, C.M., C.Q., Val d’Or, Que.
  • Shelagh Day, C.M., Vancouver.
  • Clare Drake, C.M., A.O.E., Edmonton.
  • Louise Forestier, C.M., Montreal.
  • Geoffrey David Green, C.M., Chelsea, Que.
  • James Dickinson Irvin, C.M., Pointe-Claire, Que.​
  • Elisapee Ishulutaq, C.M., Pangnirtung, Nunavut.
  • Aditya Jha, C.M., Mississauga, Ont.
  • James Peter (Hamish) Kimmins, C.M., Denman Island, B.C.
  • Lucia Kowaluk, C.M., Montreal.
  • Jacques Lacombe, C.M., C.Q., Montreal.
  • Janice MacKinnon, C.M., S.O.M., Saskatoon.
  • Murray D. McEwen, C.M., Acton, Ont.
  • Heather Anne Menzies, C.M., Ottawa.
  • Wesley Nicol, C.M., Ottawa.
  • Constance V. Pathy, C.M., C.Q., Montreal.
  • Monica Patten, C.M., Ottawa.
  • J. Derek Riley, C.M., Winnipeg.
  • Michel Ringuet, C.M., C.Q., Rimouski, Que.
  • Sandra Rotman, C.M., O.Ont., Toronto.
  • Kelly Russell, C.M. Bell Island, N.L.
  • Elexis Schloss, C.M., Edmonton.
  • Aurel Schofield, C.M., Dieppe, N.B.
  • Gilbert Sicotte, C.M., Montréal.
  • Linda Silver Dranoff, C.M., Toronto.
  • Vaclav Smil, C.M., Winnipeg.
  • Joan C. Snyder, C.M., Calgary.
  • Donald Creighton Rae Sobey, C.M., Stellarton, N.S.
  • Sara Vered, C.M., Ottawa.
  • Beverley Wybrow, C.M., Toronto.

New officers of the Order of Canada

  • Gilles Brassard, O.C., Montréal.
  • Douglas Coupland, O.C.. West Vancouver.​
  • Céline Galipeau, O.C., O.Q., Montreal.
  • John Ross Grace, O.C., Vancouver.​
  • Sherrill E. Grace, O.C., Vancouver.
  • Ronald (Ronnie) Hawkins, O.C., Douro-Dummer, Ont.
  • Carole Laure, O.C., Montreal.
  • Deepa Mehta, O.C., Toronto.
  • Robert Brent Thirsk, O.C., O.B.C., Ottawa.​
  • Dafydd (Dave) Rhys Williams, O.C. Oakville, Ont.