Rockfest attendee describes 'chaotic' site at Montebello

Some attendees of Amnesia Rockfest — a music festival held over the weekend in Montebello, Que. — say it needs to be organized better to prevent long lines, overcrowding and littering.

Weekend festival site littered with heaps of garbage, plagued by long lines, overcrowding, attendees say

Garbage litters Rockfest site at Montebello

8 years ago
A woman who attended the festival and a resident of Montebello describe the aftermath. 1:11

Some attendees of Amnesia Rockfest — a music festival held over the weekend in Montebello, Que. — say it needs to be organized better to prevent long lines, overcrowding and littering.

"I thought it was just chaotic," said Claudia Lahaie. "Nothing was well organized. The washrooms were just a mess … there weren't enough of them, no one was emptying the trash cans.

"There was mud all over. That's nobody's fault, but there was plastic, just garbage all over the place. The trash cans were just too full, there was no room for anything else … so everyone was just getting rid of their garbage any way they could."

The festival attracted thousands of people this year because of its big-name lineup, which included performers such as Alice Cooper, Rise Against, Marilyn Manson, The Offspring, Deftones and more.

Lahaie said she had to wait in line for four hours on Friday to get her wristband at the festival entrance, causing her to miss some bands she had planned to see.

"They saw too big, and it's too small for the amount of people that showed up," Lahaie said. "And it should have been organized in a better way."

A petition calling on organizers to improve the festival had gathered more than 400 signatures on the website by early Monday afternoon.