Robyn Miller


Robyn Miller is a multi-platform journalist at CBC Ottawa. She has also worked at CBC in Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Sudanese women demonstrate in Ottawa after deadly crackdown

Sudanese-Canadian women took to the streets of Ottawa Wednesday to protest the killing of protesters in Sudan, and to call on Canada to take action.

'Dark day for Quebec': Religious symbols law draws criticism

The Coalition Avenir Québec's religious symbols law, Bill 21, passed late Sunday, much to the chagrin of some people in Gatineau.

Lewd content snuck into high school yearbooks

Hundreds of yearbooks at a high school in Ottawa's Barrhaven neighbourhood are being hastily censored after it was discovered some pages included references to male genitalia and gangs.

Fare freeze won't cut it, fed up OC Transpo riders say

Despite a fare freeze extension ordered by Ottawa city council Wednesday, some public transit users remain hot under the collar over what they're calling poor service by OC Transpo.

Black community demands apology from Meehan

Some members of Ottawa's black community are demanding an apology after Coun. Carol Anne Meehan abruptly left a consultation session about the city's new chief of police. 

Difficult to prove punches killed Abdirahman Abdi, pathologist testifies

The pathologist who examined Abdirahman Abdi's body said he told lawyers for both the Crown and the Special Investigations Unit they'd have difficulty proving blows from a police officer's gloved fist killed the Ottawa man.

Tornado victims fear rising insurance rates

As the dust settles from the tornado that touched down in Ottawa's east end Sunday, some residents are worried they could be in for a second hit — from their insurance companies.

If tree pollen has you wheezing, just wait for ragweed 'super bloom'

If you're already sneezing and wheezing your way through tree pollen season in Ottawa, a local allergist has some unwelcome news for you: grass and ragweed season could be even worse.

Jaswal won't take interim chief's post as investigation unfolds

With accusations of intimidation and harassment swirling around him, Deputy Chief Uday Jaswal won't take a turn as interim chief of the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) this summer as planned.

ByWard Market 'ghost hotels' a magnet for crime, neighbours say

Some people living in Ottawa's ByWard Market say the recent proliferation of short-term rental "ghost hotels" has turned their residential street into a magnet for crime including theft, prostitution and public nudity.

Traffic woes to continue until LRT starts rolling, Manconi says

Construction and detours are tying up traffic on Ottawa's streets and highways and the city's manager of transportation says that won't change until the Confederation LRT line launches. 

Skilled trade workers wooing youth as shortage looms

Skilled trade workers in Ottawa are trying to persuade young people to consider construction trades for a career as a shortage looms.

Flooded twice, Constance Bay man says he's being punished for having insurance

An Ottawa man whose basement is full of water for the second time in two years says he's still fighting the province for disaster relief from the 2017 flood, and is blaming his predicament on the fact that he had insurance.

The boat that's feeding a flooded community's stomach — and its spirit

In Clarence-Rockland, Ont., Jean Lamoureux and his boat are making a big difference for residents living in the flood zone.

Ottawa River surfers suit up to help flood victims

A group that spends their spare time surfing the Ottawa River are putting their wetsuits to use helping flood victims go where other volunteers can't reach.