Remembering Rinaldo Canonico, Ottawa's hairstylist to the stars

For more than four decades, Rinaldo Canonico — or simply 'Rinaldo' — styled the hair of heads of state, royalty, and other Ottawa celebrities. He died Wednesday at 82.

Often known simply by his first name, Canonico died this week at 82

Ottawa hairstylist Rinaldo Canonico gives a woman a beehive haircut in this archival image from the 1960s. Canonico died on May 24, 2017, at the age of 82. (CBC)

He was one of the few people in Ottawa you'd know by his first name alone.

For four decades, Rinaldo Canonico — or simply "Rinaldo" — styled the hair of heads of state, royalty and other celebrities.

Canonico died Wednesday afternoon, according to a post on his namesake salon's Facebook page that remembered him as an "influential leader in the hair and beauty industry" with an "unparalleled" passion.

Canonico spoke to the CBC many times over the years.

In this piece of archival footage from the 1960s, he gives a woman a beehive haircut — which was de rigeur at the time — then shows off a few of his dance moves.

(Don't adjust your speakers: there's no sound.) 

Rinaldo Canonico cuts hair in the 1960s - and then dances the go-go. 0:56

Fast forward to 1988, and here Canonico talks politics with a client ahead of the federal election — and correctly predicts its outcome.

Rinaldo Canonico talks about the 1988 federal election as he cuts a woman's hair. 1:47

Finally, here's Canonico in the late 1990s at the opening of a new salon in Ottawa.

Rinaldo Canonico talks about the opening of a spa in Ottawa. 0:30

Canonico was 82.