Revenu Québec number connects callers to 'hottest chat line in town'

A toll-free help line number provided by Revenu Québec actually connects callers to a chat line for singles.

Provincial agency apologizes for phone number error

Jean-François Dorais worries vulnerable people will be confused by the toll-free number. (Idil Mussa/CBC )

A toll-free help line number provided by Revenu Québec actually connects callers to a chat line for singles.

Jean-François Dorais, of Gatineau, Que., said his partner's February, March and April alimony statements from the provincial agency listed the number.

"I called [the toll-free number] and the answer I got is, 'Welcome, you're at the hottest chat line in town,'" Dorais said.

Dorias said he found it funny at first, but he worries the fake number will confuse vulnerable people seeking help from the government.

"There's a lot of fraud with old people," he said. 

Jean-François Dorais says a toll-free help line number provided by Revenu Quebec actually connects clients to a chat line for singles. 0:58

'We are really sorry'

Stéphane Dion, director of public relations at Revenu Québec, said the number should never have appeared on the alimony statements as it was an old number that has since been reassigned to the company that owns the chat line.

"We are really sorry," Dion said. "It's a situation that we will investigate to be sure that this kind of case doesn't happen again."

Dorais said he'll now be checking his correspondence from the agency more carefully.

"I'm going to start checking everything that's on those papers. Can you imagine if they just mistype the file number ...  if you get $100 instead of $800 for you for your kids?"

Dorais says his partner's recent alimony statements all contained a number for a toll-free helpline that connects to a singles chat line instead of Revenu Québec. (Supplied by Jean-François Dorais)


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