Couchsurfing Canada: red couch will tour country on wheels, rails and wings

Beginning in March, Polish immigrants Peter Sobierajski and Ela Kinowska will be taking a red couch on a nationwide tour to ask people what Canada means to them.

Tour will collect video testimonials on what it means to be Canadian

Ela Kinowska and Peter Sobierajski will be taking this red couch on a nationwide tour in 2017, asking people what Canada means to them. (Ela Kinowska)

This just might redefine the phrase "couch surfing."

Beginning in March, two Polish immigrants are going to take a red couch on a nationwide tour to ask people what Canada means to them.

Peter Sobierajski and Ela Kinowska are the local team behind the Red Couch Tour. It's one of 38 projects the federal government is funding as part of the Canada 150 celebrations.

The red couch was officially unveiled Thursday afternoon at the Canadian Museum of History.

As the couch travels across the country, testimonials will be posted to YouTube and promoted on social media, Kinowska told Ottawa Morning's Robyn Bresnahan.

"The first place the couch will touch is in Iqaluit, Nunavut," she said.

The first part of the tour will see the couch travel by air to Nunavut, then on to Winnipeg and Churchill, Man., before flying to Yellowknife and Whitehorse.

From there, it will return to Ottawa before a summer train, RV and ferry odyssey that first heads to Newfoundland and the east coast before swinging west to B.C.

Throughout the tour, the general public will be able to track the couch's progress live online and view a digital mosaic of photographs.

Winnipeg furniture company Lunar Lounge designed and built the couch that will be part of Canada 150 celebrations. (Facebook)

Home is where the couch is

"I was born in Poland, but if anyone asked me where my home is, I would say Canada," said Sobierajski. "I still have a lot of friends and family back in Poland but when I'm visiting them, I feel like eventually it's time to go back home to Canada. It's in my heart."

Both Sobierajski and Kinowska will make the trip, along with two others who'll be helping to document the journey. When it's all over, they plan to produce their own film about the experience.

Of the stories they collect, the team will share 150 of them as part of the country's 150th anniversary celebrations. People will also sign the couch after they've sat on it, making it a physical record of all the places it's been.

They're also hoping a few of the people who'll end up sitting on the couch will be well-known actors, artists, musicians and athletes.