Racist bathroom graffiti angers students

The N-word carved into a bathroom door at the University of Ottawa's law school has prompted some students to request mandatory anti-discrimination training.

A racial slur scrawled on a bathroom stall at the University of Ottawa’s law faculty building has shocked students and now one group is asking the university to be more pro-active in tackling racism.

University of Ottawa student Christien Levien wants mandatory anti-discrimination training in the wake of racist graffiti in the bathroom of the law faculty building. (LinkedIn)

"It spanned from one side of the stall door to the other, it was the N-word that was there," said Christien Levien, president of University of Ottawa's Black Law Students Association, of the hateful graffiti.

"I felt it was extremely degrading. I was disgusted that anyone would find any place where they found that this would be acceptable."

The University of Ottawa’s reputation for social justice programs makes the incident even more worrying, Levien added.

The university’s administration has since described the act as "cowardly" while its president, Allan Rock, met Levien to discuss the matter.

That gesture was appreciated, the law student said.

"I commend the university on their response," said Levien. "As well, I have received an outpouring of support from my colleagues."

Levien said he hoped the university follows up on his recommendations, which include establishing an equity committee to follow up on student grievances and making anti-discrimination training mandatory for all students.