Racist, anti-Semitic graffiti found near Ottawa River

City of Ottawa workers covered graffiti promoting racism and anti-Semitism that was painted under a bridge near the Ottawa River.

Ottawa police, RCMP call messages under Island Park Drive a potential hate crime

Ottawa police dealing with racist graffiti

8 years ago
There have been 30 cases of graffiti popping up in the Westboro and Ottawa River areas. 2:23

City of Ottawa crews have covered racist and anti-Semitic messages that were spray-painted under the Champlain Bridge at the Ottawa River pathway.

Anti-Semitic and racist messages were found on Saturday, April 19, 2014, painted underneath the Champlain Bridge. We have blacked out part of each message. (Chloe Fedio/CBC)
Ottawa police and RCMP officers responded to the pathway on Saturday morning after some Ottawa residents posted photos on social media that showed the graffiti.

One piece of graffiti promoted racism while a second piece promoted antisemitism.

Police are investigating and officers say it is a potential hate crime.

Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau tweeted police protocol is to gather evidence before the messages are removed. City crews were also dispatched to the graffiti and they covered it late Saturday morning.

It is National Capital Commission property, but city workers were quick to respond.

Ottawa police's hate crime unit said it is investigating 30 cases of "concerning" graffiti found over the past month.