Quebec knight riding across Canada for valour

A Quebec City, Que., man is riding across Canada on his horse dressed as an honourable knight in a quest to show true valour still exists.

A quest for valour

CBC News: Ottawa at 6:00

9 years ago
Quebec man riding trusty steed across Canada to prove chivalry isn't dead. 2:21

A Quebec man is travelling across Canada dressed as a knight and riding on a horse in a quest to show "true valour" still exists.

Vincent Gabriel Kirouac of Quebec City, Que., says he has been on an eight-year quest to ride across the country.  He started his journey with his horse Lionheart in Quebec City earlier this year.  Kirouac is heading west to his final destination in British Columbia.  On Wednesday, he arrived in Ottawa.

It all began in high school, he said, when his teacher was helping him find a job. He decided he wanted to become a knight.

Now he is staying at farms across Canada each night and riding his horse each day. Click on the video link above to hear about Kirouac's journey.