Thanks for donating to Project Give, Ottawa

CBC's annual charity drive is once again showing how generous the Ottawa community can be.

As in years past, Ottawa gave generously to support CBC Ottawa's Project Give

Thank you for supporting CBC Project Give!

3 months ago
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CBC Ottawa's Project Give is an annual charity drive in support of the Ottawa Food Bank.

CBC's annual charity drive is once again showing how generous the Ottawa community can be.

On Friday, CBC hosted Project Give, the yearly push to help the Ottawa Food Bank. It all started on 91.5 FM with CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning, continued in the afternoon with All In A Day, and finished with TV broadcasts of CBC Ottawa News at 6 and Late Night.

Across those programs, CBC and its listeners heard from people supporting their communities in the fight against hunger.

CBC featured people who have been dealing with food insecurity, the rising cost of living, and who have been helped by some of the programs accessible through the Ottawa Food Bank.

Altogether, $276,628 was donated to help the Ottawa Food Bank as of Monday afternoon, and online donations can continue to be made until Dec. 31.

"I'm so proud of our team at CBC Ottawa for all the hard work they put into this year's Project Give. It was a fantastic day of programming and entertainment. And I also really want to thank our audience for their generosity and kindness," said Drake Fenton, CBC Ottawa's Managing Editor.

If you missed the special programming, you can listen to it on the CBC Listen App. 

Click here to listen to Ottawa Morning from Dec. 9.

Click here to listen to All In A Day from Dec. 9.


  • A previous version of this story stated the Monday afternoon tally of $276,628 did not include donations made on-site at events on Dec. 9. In fact, the tally did include those amounts.
    Dec 12, 2022 9:56 PM ET